Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Peck of Piper Pictures

Sometimes I'm pretty wordy...(ok- maybe more than sometimes)...but every once in a while I'm rendered (almost) speechless. I just want to freeze time. Soak up these moments. Savor the sweet sweet sweetness that is my nine month old pipsqueak. She's pretty much the best, amiright?

I love her to pieces. 

Forever and ever, the end.


  1. I love her too!! I got to see her a few weeks ago at church - but not you + it wasn't long enough.

    I'm voting a Megan O, you + myself have lunch/coffee soon.


  2. She's so cute. Love that first picture of her in the chair. You're a good mama.

  3. love this!! So cute!! What camera do you use/lens?
    Love the pics!! :)

    1. Thanks Cole! I have a Canon Rebel DSLR...I think the model is called the XS? I'm the worst. I get them all confused! It's about four years old now, so it's not the best...but neither am I! :) For the lens, I typically use the basic one that comes with the camera (I believe it's an 18-55mm) and then for her portraits I switch out to a 50mm/f1.8 fixed lens (which is fancy-talk for "a lens that lets in more light, but makes you stand crazy far away from things because there's no zoom") Yes, I should totally teach classes. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!