Thursday, September 27, 2012

Closet Crash Course

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of an impromptu lunchtime shopping trip (perks of working next to an outdoor mall!) and got some flattering comments from a few friends: 

"I think you need to dress me, or at least be my personal shopper."
- cityflicker (aka- my friend Lindsay)

Now Lindsay was probably joking, and at best being nice, but I'm pretty certain she had no idea where that innocent little remark would lead. But it sparked something in me....

You see, over the past few years, a few friends have told me they want me to help them with wardrobe consulting. Wait, stop laughing. They really asked! And "they" is truly more than one person! Believe me, no one sees the irony in this request more than I do. I mean, I'm certainly not the most stylish person in the world. Let's be real- I'm not even the most stylish person I know. (OK, Let's be real real, with Piper around, I'm not even the most stylish person in this house!)  But you've heard what they say about the cobbler's kids going shoeless, right? Turns out I'm the shoeless kid. And the cobbler. Ok, this analogy is terrible. It's just that I'm struggling with formulating a sentence that demonstrates how humbled I am that anyone would want my advice, while still trying not to sell myself, and any talent I do possess, too terribly short. Let me just say that even though I may not always put my knowledge into practice, I do know a thing or two about fashion. 
So when Lindsay commented, I thought maaaaaaybe I would actually follow through on this crazy idea! I sent her an email inviting her to be my guinea pig, I mean, first client. At first I was scared she'd say no. Then I was scared she'd say yes. And now I'm scared of what I've gotten myself into by committing to sharing my "wisdom" with you all....But let's throw all that aside, and have some fashion fun, ok? Ok!
I present...........drumroll.......... my first.....

My first WHAT?

Here's the basic idea: 
  1. I come over to your house, go through your wardrobe, and help you sort through not only your stuff, but your thoughts on style. 
  2. We make some new outfits out of all your current pieces.
  3. Then I help suggest some items to add to your wardrobe to expand your pool of looks. 
That's it. No dramatic trashing of your stuff, or making new "rules" to live by. No interviewing your friends and family about your fashion failures. No commitment to purchasing a new season's worth of trends. Just a couple hours of playing dress up. (Except I don't actually make you get dressed up! Even better!)

What do you think? Sound like fun?

I think so!

But this is where I turn into a bit of a tease...I told you Lindsay was my trial run, and I had a blast working with her- but I'm not quite ready to share it yet. I've got a ton of photos and a stack of magazines up to here  (picture me holding up my hand to just over my head. and then picture me not exaggerating, and actually having magazines stacked that high.) with inspiration for possible pairings. But with work, and a baby, and two fantasy football leagues to juggle (guess which of those takes the most effort...) my sartorial dreams have taken a back seat. But I'm excited to pull it together and complete this little experiment. So I hoped by putting the back-story out there I would get some of you hyped up, and help motivate myself to crank through the rest of the work.

So no turning back now. The crash (and the course) is coming....soon.


  1. Yay! I'm officially 'teased'...keep it coming...

  2. I have thought many, many times (the latest being yesterday when I was at the mall and saw H&M putting together cute outfits that I would never think of but looked like "you") that I wish I could have your help styling me. And my house! At some point, I will take you up on this.....

    1. Come help me figure out what to wear for a date tomorrow night!

    2. Oh no...I saw this too late! What did you wear? I bet you were stunning. And charming. But that goes without saying.

  3. How fun! Cannot wait to see the big reveal and be put on your list of future clients!

    1. Thanks Happy- you're one of the original cheerleaders of this idea!

  4. Come help me! I struggle between not dressing like a 50 year old teacher... and not looking like a 15 year old girl (my short stature does not help!)- Becky

    1. So....what if we still sometimes call you Becky the Bumblebee? Is that not helping your professional image? ;) I'd love to help you out...I'm sure it's hard to look pulled together as a teacher, without going all matronly. But if anyone can do it, you can!