Friday, September 21, 2012

Insta Pipsta

Have I told you all how much I like instagram?

Oh. Yeah. I guess so.

Well have I told you how much I like blurb books?

Oh. How 'bout that.

Wellllllllll. Have I told you how much I love instagrams made into blurb books?!

No! I haven't! Until right now!

Check it:

Isn't it just about the cutest little miniature thing you've ever seen?
A miniature book with miniature pictures of a miniature person!

A few weeks ago,
Fat Mum Slim, (the creator of the wildly successful, and wildly addictive Photo-a-day challenge) posted a promo for a free blurb instagram book. An easy way to save my pics from the depths of Internet obscurity, and preserve them in a more permanent format? yeah. A free easy way to do that? shyeah.

I've used blurb to make blog books, and a more traditional photobook/journal, but this one was the easiest yet. You just enter your password and it "slurps" up all your pics and tiles them into a book. Done-zo. And it did take a little finagling, but I was able to paste in Dustin's feed, so all of our photos are together. (like us....forever...awwwww....)

I decided to go with all Piper pics, one- because she's the best ever, and two- because any non Piper pictures on my phone are pretty much snapshots for work, random candids that are only funny in the moment, and "art shots" of my food. (for the record, Dustin's collection is 75% Piper, 25% beer...much like his Saturdays. Boom! Roasted! For no reason!.....Sorry!)

I spent a couple hours messing around with the layout (totally optional, I'm just spazzy like that), entered my code, and sent it off to print. And a week or so later- voila! Blurb box delivery! I went with the paperback option, (the "free" promo did have a $25 limit...and I'm cheap like that.) but even that looks pretty professional. The quality of the photos themselves isn't awesome, but that's a function of Instagram, not Blurb. For me, they're not meant to be studio quality portraits, they're just funny little snaps of our life. 

And sometimes life (and our hair) is a little fuzzy.

Want to make your own? You're in luck! I may not be an instagram-superstar, but I do have the hook-up for a Blurb discount. 

Check it:

(Update- discount is now 30%....Go to Blurb now, and enter promo code FLASH30)
Not on instagram? One- why not? Two- no biggie. The discount is good on any Blurb book.

And just in case you're interested (i.e. You are Dustin, or my mom) you can see the whole book online here. And follow our insta-antics here

 "Word to my mom."