Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#costumeweek (like #sharkweek...with slightly less blood)

Ok, get ready for me to blow your mind:

I'm not really a less is more kind of person.

I know, right?

But really. I'm a pile it on, the more the merrier, too much of a good thug is great, kind of person. (My dad had that last one emblazoned on a drink cozy when I was a kid. Don't worry, I'm sure it wasn't for anything wild. He probably only used it to keep his vitamin water and kale smoothies cold...Right dad?) So when I'm into something, I'm ALL IN, and I am IN, to Halloween. And by Halloween, I mean costumes.

Yeah yeah, Halloween has about a million connotations from lame watered-down, politically-correct "fall festivals" prevalent at elementary schools these days, to blood covered fright nights where patrons volunteer to be scared senseless by a minimum wage maniac wielding a (supposedly) non-functioning chain saw. But all that isn't really my bag. I don't love to be scared, and I don't buy into all the spooky spirit stuff. I'm just in it for the costumes. (Ok, the candy doesn't hurt, but it's nowhere near my motivating factor.) I've dressed up every year since I was a wee tot, and as I've aged, I've aligned myself with fellow costume devotees, or used any persuasive skill (or authority as a wife!) I have to convince people to join in the fun.

So to count down remaining days until Halloween, I'm declaring it Costume Week here at Bowdenisms. Yay! Everyday I'll share a look at the ghosts of Halloweens past (and some peeks at what we have in store this year!)

For today, we'll start slow...take a look at the last few years, already chronicled in the Bowdenisms archives. Stay tuned for more of my madness...this time with some bonus shots of my favorite baby in some ridiculous getups. And with a week left...I have to ask- Is your costume ready yet?


  1. I'm torn between the owl and the alien as my fav costumes you've shown up for work in. Can't wait to see what Piper's wearing this year!

  2. How do you have a full week of material? Oh wait...Is one of the days the costumes that you made for Sean and I? Got it.

    1. Don't ever doubt how long I could talk about'll be sorry!