Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ours goes to eleven...

This is it: The last month until Piper's big birthday. Slowly but surely (well...not that slowly, but definitely surely) she has become just about my favorite thing ever. I don't always make the time to record her milestones as well I'd like, but I could write forever and still not feel like I captured everything. I keep having these moments where I just want to freeze time and soak in every bit of each memory, so I can be sure it will last forever. Each day goes by slowly, but when I look back and realize we've known this pipsqueak almost a year, I can't even believe it. I treasure the unique little person she's becoming, and blessed I am to get to see this silly little face (almost) every day.

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  1. She is precious and it has been so neat to watch her "virtually" grow and change over the past eleven months. All her many faces are adorable!

    1. I'm so grateful for Piper's "virtual family" supporting us along the way!