Monday, November 12, 2012

That's a Wrap

Piper is officially one year, one week, and one day old now, but it took me just a bit to catch up on her first year photo projects, so we're extending the celebration a bit.

I didn't realize the commitment I was making when I plunked my infant down on a blanket eleven months ago for a few snapshots of her goofy face... And I can assure you Dustin didn't know what he was getting into (being the Official One-Man Photobooth Set-Up Crew is a pretty serious task!). You wouldn't think snapping a few pictures every month would be that tough...and it wasn't really. But getting the sunlight, our schedules, and Piper's mood to align is apparently only possible about once a month, so we just barely got these shots each time. But even though it was a little inconvenient sometimes, I'm so thankful we have them. We hung up her faces and "chair pics" at her party, and it was such a fun way to see how she's changed over the last year. We always knew we had a character on our hands...but she's been surprising and delighting us with more of her personality each day. 

Here's a look at the journey...

See each month, up close and personal.

Check out some of the others in detail: 1-3, 4-7, 9

...and our current, irresistible, view:

Happy Birthday, nugget. We love you to smithereens.


  1. Love these! Such a good idea Court!

  2. sweet! love seeing that progression... which reminds me I have yet to do a 9month pic of a certain someone.