Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three Ways to Wear It: Dot Mesh Top

Nothing like a jolt of fashion to get you going in the morning, am I right? Well how about a cobalt-colored, polka-dotted jolt? Yes please!

Sheer Shapes Tee- Madewell.

When picked this baby up from Madewell, I knew the options would be almost endless. Plus it was marked down to $19, from the original $ an additional 25% off. You just don't say no to that kind of retail math. It was cute, fun, and had the bonus of not already looking identical to everything I already have in my closet. Sold.

Now....for what to wear with it. Here's a couple ideas I whipped up: 

Long sleeve T- Old Navy.
Jeans- AE (always!), shoes- Converse

One of my favorite looks right now is a mix of dressy + casual. I love taking a nice top and making it more accessible with a pair of my fav jeans and relaxed sneakers. And it works the other way around too- to take my uber casual outfits just a bit more polished. A simple grey underlayer keeps the contrast subtle, but still allows the dots to shine. And I love a good "short over long" layered look because it extends summery pieces into the starting-to-get-cooler months.

I'd probably add an armful of bracelets and an obnoxiously large ring or two...But that might go without saying at this point.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum:

Black tank- aerie, Skirt- Forever 21shoes- Gabriel Brothers ($6!)
Necklace- a gift from Kent State for serving on their fashion thesis panel
(yeah that's right....I'm kind of a big deal. Except not really at all)

I almost never have to dress up, so I have to push myself a little if I want to break out of my denim rut...For this look I went simple: a plain black tank underneath, and tucking it into a black mini.

I initially pared it with one of my typical "more-is-more" statement necklaces...which worked, but ended up opting for a simple version instead.

(the "watch" doesn't work anymore, but it's more about form than function, right?)

At this point we'd probably need to grab some tights, and add either a sweater or a black blazer (that I don't own) to make the look seasonally appropriate (and maaaaaaybe let's be real: age appropriate). But it's a good starting point for territory I typically don't veer into. (Gah! a sentence ending in a preposition! Good thing my dad only skims the fashion posts...)

And last....(lastly? Dad...where are you when I need you?)

Boyfriend tank- aerie, Cardigan- Old Navy.
Jeans- AE, shoes- Chooka.

Color! I know I get a reputation for being a grey+navy girl (wherever did you get that idea?) but these days I find myself wanting to pile on the color. The cobalt of the shirt ends up feeling even richer against bright pop of the chartreuse sweater. (For the record- there isn't much I WON'T wear with this sweater. Adore.) And then for some extra fun, I added a string of periwinkle beads. It's possible that the whole look is a little too kooky, but sometimes it's worth mixing it up just for fun.

Oh- and the boots? Those are my new rainboots. THAT I'M OBSESSED WITH (like obsessed enough to use shouty-capitals at you.) This of course would work with plain brown boots (as in the brown boots). But if you have room in your closet/budget/heart for another pair...these wellies are winners.

But just for fun I tried it with some moccasins (from AE) instead...Which pair would you pick?


So there's a handful (ok, a trio) of looks to rock with one little tee. There are probably about a million more options for this one item... I think it could be great over an oxford shirt (again, a little quirky, but worth a shot!) and it would be perfect under a jean jacket (but what isn't). What would you wear it with?

For more pretend-dress-up fun, check out the last installment of 3 Ways to Wear It here

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  1. i love the cardigan with the mesh top! really cute looks, Courtney. Do those boots have a liner to keep your toesies warm? I trust you on all things boot related. ;-)