Thursday, February 14, 2013

Real love

If real love is cleaning puke out of a bathtub, then Dustin really loved me this week.

He loves me with a caretaker love, a companion love, and a romantic love. And I love him back with an imperfect, everything I have love.

It's not always pretty, and not always sweet- especially when we find ourselves (MYself) loving with a teenage "what am I getting out of this?" love. But: there IS always love. Messy, real, waning, waxing, last-forever love.

Thankful doesn't do it justice.

Happy Valentine's day, my one true love.

*Note: The Bowdens struggled with a bout of the stomach flu this week. But don't worry; we (and the bathtub) survived.


  1. oh dear. I hope you are truly feeling better. the stomach bug is made ten times worse when you're pregnant. you poor thing. did Pi get it too?

    1. Oh don’t let her lie to you...Piper not only got it....she started it. And ended it. Poor little thing. (and poor little us for having to wash her sheets every day for a week. Yuck.)