Monday, April 1, 2013

Going on an Egg Hunt

Last weekend our church hosted an egg hunt for the kids (and families). This is Piper's second Easter, but her first one she wasn't too aware of what was happening, so we didn't bother to take her on a hunt then. This year though, we missed Breakfast with the Bunny due to a scheduling conflict (the conflict was that my brain can't seem to remember where we're supposed to be on any given day), so we felt we owed it to her to have a little festive fun. 

Even if it was freezing. 

So we bundled up and set out for the park.

And let me just tell was chilly (Note- coats and boots in late March.) We spent the first half and hour or so playing on the playground. They have an awesome set up with tons of things to climb and swing on, plus the church staff had set up sidewalk chalk and a few games the kids could play to win candy. (Yes, Piper played. Yes, we ate her candy. Not sorry.)

After not making a single bean bag in the hole, but having a blast trying, she got to pick out one piece of candy, and chose a Payday. I tried to get her to switch....maaaaaaybe going for something I liked more, but it was futile. That Payday stayed firm in her clutches for the remainder of the day. (I finally pried it out when I had an egg to give her instead. (seriously- note it makes an appearance in all the pics below.)

Is this not the best swinging face? Or maybe just my favorite face no matter what.

It was a bit cold, but the sun was on the playground, and we were nestled inside of a hill, so it wasn't too bad. And after we had our fill of Paydays and running, it was time to head up for the hunt. 

And, OH, was it cold. They had done an excellent job setting up a toddler area (eggs as far as the eye could see...) and a big kid area (if there were eggs there, they were hidden so well I never saw one). But the weather wasn't so cooperative, so as the sun hid, and the wind picked up...we began to freeze. I hadn't packed Piper gloves (did I mention it was MARCH?) and she doesn't tolerate a hood or hat, so we stuck it out as long as we could.

Payday- still firmly in hand.

Piper couldn't of course care less about the candy inside of the eggs (we avoided showing her that they open), but she had a blast collecting them none-the-less We're working on our colors (boo! pur-po! lellow!) so it was fun to point to different ones to have her try to identify them. (FYI- everything is "blue" until you tell her otherwise. Then she'll repeat whatever you say. As long as it's blue, purple or yellow.)

We had greatly underestimated the number of eggs she'd be able to "find", so quickly our pockets were filled up. That, unfortunately left no room for our hands to warm, and we started to realize how truly freezing it was. Poor little Pip's fingers were turning red, and she started to shake them and repeat "Cold! Cold!" so we figured our fun was about over. We stashed the candy when she wasn't watching (again, no shame...I suffered for the cause and earned those sweets as much as she did!) and turned in our eggs for next year's hunt.

Side note- don't worry about her hairline. It's not nearly as crazy as it looks 
in these last few photos. It's just that blond! And I'm that excited about it!

So that's the story of our inaugural egg hunt. We had some laughs. Learned some lessons along the way. And scored a payday or two. Not a bad morning.


  1. haha. The Payday is hilarious. This habit of hers is the funniest.

  2. Glove how she says her colours and how you guys so easily capitalized on a learning moment. I miss those at times because my impatience gets in the way! She really is such an adorable girl! And always dressed so well! You would think her parents work in fashion. ;)

    1. you're giving me way too much credit! We're not always educating....I just like to hear her tiny little voice say "lellow".... :)

  3. We always take the chocolate from our girls' trick or treat candy...and have no shame. They prefer smarties and dum dums which is just beyond me. Really, I'm helping them by eating the chocolate :)