Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Baby B #2 is due in late June. If she were to arrival on her actual due date (improbable at best), our girls would be one week shy of 20 months apart. If I get my wish of delivering at 37 weeks (my current fear in life is another large baby and another difficult delivery...and by delivery I really mean recovery... but that's another topic for another day- and maybe a smaller audience) our daughters would be 19 months apart. Maybe not Irish twins...but close. And I'm hoping that truly means "close" in the best sense of the word.

Since the moment I found out we were having another baby (and maybe even before...) I wanted another girl. Yes- I wanted to take advantage of this silly little wardrobe piper has amassed. (I say as if I had nothing to do with the level of excess that is her closet). Yes- another girl would be easier for us as it's "familiar territory" (I use quotes because its ludicrous to presume that we've reached any sort of expert level when it comes to parenting. I'm expecting any learnings from the first go round to be minimally helpful. I think I'll be less shocked that way.)

But mostly I wanted another girl not just because it would give me a girl- but because it would give my each of my babies a sister.

A sister is magical thing. The bond between sisters can be all kinds of Soup for the Soul delicious. I'll refrain from sharing any cheesy quotes, but in thinking about the potential relationship between my girls, am easily sucked into a dream where they are best friends. Who are also related. The best of the best.

I myself have four sisters (along with five sisters-in-law....I know, right?!) so I do know a thing or two about this topic. But- my closest sister in age is four years older (others are 8 years older, and 8 and 13 years younger than me. It's complicated, I know. I carry a handmade stick figure chart in my wallet to explain it to friends. Seriously.) so I didn't really get the experience of growing up truly along side any of them. It's not to say the love between us is any less...we just don't have as many memories in common as we might if we were closer in age. Plus, all of my sisters technically have "step" or "half" before their title. I count them in my heart as nothing less than "full" and "real" sisters but that still doesn't erase the fact that we have different experiences, different extended families, and thus even more different memories between us. My older sister and I did live together for a solid 11 years, so we shared a ton of those typical formative years type milestones...But I can tell you first hand that a 16 year old doesn't always think it's cool to hang out with a 12 year old. And actually a 12 year old may not have much time for an 8 year old either. (For my part...I could be a pretty annoying 8 and 12 year old...and everything in between, so she's not fully to blame!)

So I know it won’t be perfect every day. Having a sister- or at least- growing up with a sister, can be a bit of a mixed bag. But I still can’t wait to watch them together, witnessing all those special little things two girls can share...
Braiding each other's hair. Making friendship bracelets in the backseat of the car on road trips. Playing hand clap games. Taking "teen" magazine quizzes. Swapping clothes. Putting on dance shows in the living room. Staying up late taking turns scratching each other's backs. (did you do this with your sister? I did....We were supposed to have equal turns but I’m pretty sure she took advantage of me not being able to tell time as well as she could...) Skipping. Cartwheels. Bike riding. In tandem. Ganging up on Daddy when one set of puppy dog eyes just isn't enough. Hosting "Spa" nights with nail painting and too much makeup. Sharing Secrets.
Yet there will surely be a lot of days will be filled with...
Door slamming. Clothes stealing. Name calling. Boyfriend jealousy. Every other kid of jealousy. Room dividing. Tears. So many tears. 

Yes. Sisters. What could be better?!

(And seriously....I know I just linked to this in a previous post...but I truly cannot get this song out of my head now....)
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  2. I love this post! The thought of two tiny best friends makes my heart burst. I am so happy for you and a little envious of the cute sister memories you will witness. ;) I hope I can give my daughter a life long best friend one day.

    1. Things that are tiny are cute. two tiny things are really cute. it's just math, really. :)

  3. Our girls are almost 3 years apart between the oldest and middle and 21 months apart between the middle and youngest. One of our biggest prayers is that they will be best friends.

    We also try to brainwash them that they are, but that's another story :)

    1. I love it Becky. I fully plan on TELLING them that they are BFF. If it is fact, maybe they'll always believe it!

  4. My sister is my best friend and my greatest advocate. You're giving Piper a wonderful gift in a sister to grow up with!

    (I, too, could use a stick figure chart to explain my crazy family tree!)