Friday, May 3, 2013

Ice Cream Fridays

A couple years ago, Dustin and I started a tradition known as Ice Cream Sundays.

It's a pretty complicated system:
  1. you wait for Sunday to roll around
  2. you eat ice cream.
(Step one is optional.)

And now that Summer is almost upon was time to initiate Piper. So last Sunday she had her first ice cream cone. She's had ice cream before, but always from a spoon....and let's just say there's a small learning curve on the whole licking thing. (every bite had to be preceded by one of us reminding her "...tongue...")

I give you: thirty seconds of chubby legged, skeptical faced, sugary goodness.
(Note- at the 19 second mark, she sees a dog...and the afternoon almost couldn't go on...)
Happy Friday, sundae lovers!
Piper's First Ice Cream Cone from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.

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