Monday, May 27, 2013

This face

I'm still mastering my 50mm lens (it's awesome...but not foolproof) so these aren't perfect, but she sure is.

(Oh...and I also can't get enough of this face:)

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy it with the faces you love.


  1. good job on the pics! (tee tiny bit jealous of big camera people like yourself... one day)
    Piper reminds me of my younger self with STICK straight hair...
    great snapshots

    1. Thanks Diz! I figured with all your scrapping, you would have a big girl camera....tell Mr he needs to get on that. It's not too late for a mother's day gift.
      (and isn't her hair crazy? It's in her eyes allllllll the time.)

  2. I love the 50mm lens!!! (though, I always forget that you can't focus in and out) And Piper's face is simply perfect!