Monday, July 22, 2013

Milestones: Finley's 1 month

Happy One Month, Finley-girl! (one week later...)

You are a sweetheart of a baby. Sure, you spit up on everything we own...but you don't mean any harm. You're still working on your sleep (and we're working on functioning without it). You love a swaddle and a snuggle, and cry surprisingly little. When you do freak out- it's usually to alert us that you're hungry (again) or you need help with a burp. I can't blame you for being upset about that!

This month you moved into the 74th percentile for weight (10lbs!) up from the 57th at your one week check up. But you're a petite little thing at only 20.5inches you're only 38th percentile for height. Don't worry too much about the stats though, we think all of those number add up to perfection.

You are so sweet to your sister too. She adores you, and you're incredibly patient, tolerating her bounces, rocks, blanket offerings, tummy pats and feet tickles. She's working on being gentle, but you don't seem to mind her enthusiasm. I'm hoping this means we're in for lots of sister bonding to come.

I love the little faces you make. You're not dramatic, your expressions are subtle, but still irresistible. You open your eyes wide, and love to make a little "O" with your mouth (sometimes with your tiny tongue sticking out). My favorite is the freeze move you pull- you stop with your eyes unblinking and hands out and unmoving. It looks like you're hoping maybe if you stay very still no one will notice you. When you're not in hiding, your hands are busy...always moving around, and often clasped in front of you or tucked adorably under your chin. You do have the best "frump face" as we call it, which I look forward seeing to every time you wake up or finish eating. I'm desperate to get a video of it, because when you combine it with a big old stretch, it's just my favorite. And we got the first glimpse at your smile this week (which I even caught on camera- center shot below!). I'm not positive it was on purpose, but I'll take it, and can't wait to see more.

And I swore I wouldn't constantly compare you to your sister, but people ask constantly if you look like Piper, so just for fun, here's the Pipster at one month:

It seems you've got a look all your own, Fin. You're a lovely little bundle and we're so thankful we got to add you to our family. We love you to pieces.

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