Monday, September 16, 2013

Duck Daycare Dynasty

We survived the first three days with me back at work.

And by survived....I mean just that. Fin didn't eat much. I didn't actually work much. But we all successfully got up in the morning, did the daycare drop off thing (I only forgot someone's lunch twice), put in our time, and made it home to slog through the evening routine of cooking, eating, bathtime, tatrums, cuddles, and sleep. And then we did it two more times.

So I'm not exactly an authority on this whole working mom of two thing. But we're making it work. And I know it will continue to get better.

This week is the real deal. It's a full five days, and I think the novelty of me showing up will wear off quickly, and I will actually be expected to accomplish some things around the office again. So if last week was a gentle wade into working waters...this week is we're jumping in with both feet.

So I wanted to start Fin's daycare career off on the right note. The teachers all already know us, but there is a whole new crop of babies in her "class", which means new parents as well. I know Fin won't exactly be making friends, but she will be spending a lot of time with them, so as much as possible, I'd like to make a good impression. We haven't had a ton of interaction with other daycare parents (it's not like there's a PTA) but it's nice to at least know who goes with who, so we can share the occasional commiserating glance when we deal with meltdowns at pick up, and they don't hate us too much if we end up being patient zero in the next flu outbreak.

Enter: gifts.

There aren't many things you can do for babies...but I've found that toys are always a winner (no food allergy risk), so rubber ducks are starting to be my go-to move. For Halloween last year, Piper gave her class Spooky Ducks. This time around, I found some nerdy ducks that were dying for a little "welcome to daycare" note.

Aren't they hysterical?

I made little cards to go with each one. Dumb pun on the front. Silly note on the back.

 Daycare name withheld to protect the innocent. 

Pretty quick project, but I'm hoping it will give other parents the impression that I'm friendly, I care, and I'm a huge dork who tries entirely too hard, and is desperate for others to like me. 

I kid. Kind of.  

Nothing says "overcompensating for leaving your kids all day" like a themed craft for infants.

Either way, I think they're adorable.

Happy Monday guys. Hope it's just ducky!


  1. Do even the babies with mohawks get one? Super cute!

  2. I think you're cool. i love the ducks. I'm all about ducks lately. And duck calls and camo.

  3. I love this! I wish max was in piper's class!

  4. Our kids a REALLY lucky. Some day they will be able to look back on this and realize just how much you love them and how lucky they are. Thanks for being an amazing wife and mom!