Monday, May 19, 2014

Our New House: Ohio Style

Yay! After a couple months of waiting, we finally got to move into our new home!

And that's good news for you...well, it is if you were itching for another long-winded Bowdenisms video, anyway. Anyone?

We moved in yesterday, which has solidified several things:
  • We have entirely too much stuff.
  • I mean like, way too much stuff.
  • It's mostly my fault.
  • We are never going to move again.
The movers arrived at 10 AM, and left around 8:30 PM. It was a gigantic undertaking either way, but if we hadn't had movers we never would've been done. Mostly because I would still be curled up in the fetal position somewhere on I-70 repeating, "I don't wanna, I don't wanna."

The good news is, we actually technically planned on moving in next weekend, even though we got possession on Sundy...I think we it was going to be impossible. So all of our stuff is in the house, but we will use the next week, going over in the evenings after the kids are asleep, to finish up. And by finish, I have no idea what I mean, because there's no way it will ever be finished, ever. I will die in a mountain of my own hoarding, I'm sure of it.
Kidding aside, it actually went pretty smoothly, if slowly. My mom watched the girls all day so we could get things done without losing a baby in a box somewhere, and my dad came over to help unpack the kitchen, which really just means listen to Courtney get all bossy-pants about where things should go, and then re-do it three times when things don't fit. I think he had a blast.

After about 12 hours of working, everything is in the house- a few rooms are about a quarter of the way put together, but the most important thing is our patio is one hundred percent ready to roll. Priorities. I'm hoping to get some progress shots tonight, (only if I can scoot over there in time to be back for The Bachelorette. Again, priorities.) but for now I love to give you a tour of the empty shell- aka, before the madness happened.

As with all Bowden house videos, this one has a signature phrase, but we've upgraded this time around, so we actually are giving you two: the standard "We're really excited!", but also a new one, "We've never had one of those before!" The last three places we've lived have been a minimum of 50 years old, with most leaning closer to the hundred year mark, so moving into a house that was built into 2002 is filled with all kinds of modern conveniences I can barely wrap my head around. Like an attached garage, and a basement without a horror movie quality toilet in the corner. (that one's for you, Pittsburgh). We're pretty lucky because every time we move, we seem to add a bedroom, and gain another feature we previously didn't have. From our first apartment to our second, we got a second bedroom and a real dining room, then when we moved into our house we were probably most excited about a dishwasher. We're definitely going to miss the character and craftsmanship of our 1920 home, but there's something to be said for the convenience of suburban living, with its flat backyard, drywall construction, and 2.5 bathrooms. (I have a master bath, with a separate tiny room for a toilet. What am I, a queen?!) 

Oh, and a note on quality- I know you've come to expect a pretty solid level of production from these videos (heavy, heavy sarcasm) so this one should not disappoint. It was shot entirely on Dustin's phone, edited on an iPhone app, posted to Vimeo, and then I blogged it on my phone using voice to text. The future of blogging is now. 

Hello present? It's the future. I'm here. 

Knock knock
Who's there?
The future. 
The future who?
Too late, it already happened.

Okay, I'll stop before I actually cause the demise of blogging.

Now, settle in for 15+ minutes of grainy footage, marital spats, and a glimpse behind the curtain (literally...the sellers left some curtains...) into our new home. We're so excited.


  1. Yes!! Am super excited to see a tour! I'm going to pretend that you filmed this specifically for me. Just a few minor edits...
    1. The 'guest room' you spoke of should be exclusively referred to as 'The ORourkes room' in all forms of media moving forward.
    2. The double sinks (aka Dustin's freedom and independence as a man) in your master bath did not get nearly enough air-time (if any at all!).

    but enough squabbling about details. love you + your new house. Can't wait to see it in person!

    1. You're totally right! Dustin's sink deserves its own video! FINALLY, his dreams are coming true! Can't wait until you come visit- your room is ready! ('s not at all. But it will be, I promise!)

  2. Congrats, Courtney! So exciting -- and your house is wonderful! :)

  3. finally finished the video! lol Not your fault, my crazy time schedule's fault. okay so WOW, it's so awesome. Favorite parts: kitchen (love white cabinets), backyard and deck! hooray!, finished basement! it is fabulous! can't wait to see the house video part Deux (the somewhat lived in version)