Friday, June 6, 2014

All moved in. Kinda.

Happy Friday!

Thought it would be fun to share another video from our move. Quick (ok, 5 minute) fly throughs of the house are proving to be the easiest way to capture the full scope of the crazy, and the fastest way to share it out. I've taken pictures along the way, but they don't seem to do it justice, and nothing beats the simplicity of an iPhone video uploaded via wireless.

You can tell from the title- we're all moved in! Well.....sort of. We got our stuff in the house at least. And some of it's even in the right rooms! This video is from Friday of Memorial day weekend, so it was about 5 days after the movers left, but we had yet to actually stay at the house (for reasons that will be obvious.) I've moved a million times (ok...maybe a dozen) over the years, but this is our first full-fledged house-to-house move, across state lines, with all the trappings of a family of four (where at least two of those four are certified hoarders.)

And on that note, I just have to say...if you have ever moved, and I didn't show up, bring beer, unpack boxes, watch your children, adopt your dog, and order in dinner, then I sincerely apologize. Moving is No Joke. For me, it definitely falls into the "Things I Never Want to Do Again" category. I wonder if it's like childbirth, and after it's all over you forget the pain? Hard to say, but I can assure you I will not be ready to do this again in 19 months.

I was on my own for this tour, so (un)fortunately you don't get to see me with a dirty ponytail, squinting at the camera while I ramble. I also forgot to tour the basement (again), but I do give at least 30 seconds of puffer vest fodder, so we'll call it even.


We've made a ton of progress since then. But it's meant working for a couple hours every night after the kids go to bed, and relying on family to watch them for a few weekend hours to give us some uninterrupted time. So it hasn't been easy. Or quick. Or overwhelmingly fun. But we're getting somewhere (meaning I can see- most of- the floor, and have yet to loose a child in any of our temporary trash heaps.) We'll take that as a win, and keep plugging away. 

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