Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I’ve got some super fun stuff in the works in blog land that I (almost) can’t wait to share with you. Except that I can wait…and should…at least a little bit…so I will.
But in the meantime, I’ve been working on updating my bios on my various social media accounts, which let me just say, is harder than one might think. Are you ready for some #bloggerproblems? See, different platforms have different bio requirements, partially related to character count limits. How do I convey my unique essence in 160 characters, I ask you?! I am a snowflake. A one of a kind creation with complex nuances that can’t be contained by numerical limits. 

...I’m just really wordy. 

Frankly…I struggle to do anything in 160 characters (Inclusive of writing my name…Courtney Stegmayer Bowden typically fills up alllllll the boxes on a scantron. And two lines on my driver's license). I managed to get my life summarized in 100 words. But it was a struggle. 

So I’m working on culling down my entire personality, likes, dislikes, societal roles, and quirks into a little bite sized chunks for the gnat-like attention span of social media. And I’ve found that telling my whole story in such a small format makes it feel trite. Yes, I’m a wife, mom, and marketer. But is that it? But if I just go with the quirky angle, do people know I’m more than just a cheese head? (And I do mean cheese both literally and figuratively. Man, I love that stuff.) How do you hit on all the pillars of my life, and still have room for the spunk? So it was a challenge for a Susie Talks-a-lot like me, but here’s what I landed on…for now:

wife & mama. worker bee & hustler. 
coke slushie connoisseur & #showyourreal founder.
life enthusiast.

A loud talking, big dreamer of a girl, Passionate about family, Jesus, and living an authentic life (oh..and Coke Zero). ‪#showyourreal

(I also updated the New Here? section of the blog itself. You know…if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Woof…How’s that for a peek behind the curtain on what it takes to be a professional (ha!) blogger? What do you think? Did I capture my own essence? Of if you don't know me enough to be sure...did I pique your interest enough to make you want to find out what I'm all about? 

And does anyone else struggle with writing your own bio? Or is succinct-ity your strong suit? (That should totally be a word, no? But I digress…)

Bonus bio bits: just because I’m a weirdo, I’ll be tweeting my failed bio drafts, and sad runners-up. Join me for some pure silliness (my specialty).


  1. I hate writing bio's! Never know what to include. And while I do love coffee, I will not include that like 95% of other bloggers in the world.

    1. I might have to make you one of those "little bit of coffee and a whole lotta Jesus" signs that are so popular on Pinterest...