Monday, July 14, 2014

Finley Faces: The Grand Finale

Well....It happened. Again. I had a baby. I blinked. And somehow, that baby was one.

How? Why?!

The truth is, the year both flew by, and dragged on. Should I trot out the old "the days are long, but the years are short" cliche one more time? But seriously. 

I think back to a year ago, and somehow it seems like it was yesterday. Of course I remember every detail of her arrival, and I can still recall the sweet sweaty aroma of her newborn days. There are days from her first few months that I can remember every minute- whether it was a meal on the deck as a family of four, my first time at New Moms Coffee, or the time I thought it would be a good idea to take both kids to the park on my own. (90 degree heat with a newborn and a not-yet-two year old? File under: No, Dummy.)

But other parts are hazy, and feel every bit a year in the past. I look at pictures of Fin from the early days and can hardly believe how little she was, how short her hair was, or how surprised she looked. Now that she's a jabbering, walking, smiling little force of a human, it's hard to fully recall all the earlier versions of her.

She changed drastically, but gradually, so one year is just as easily a minute as it is a lifetime.

So I don't quite know when I fell madly, sweetly and obsessively in love with my sweet baby Fin...It could have been the day she was born, when she smiled for the first time, when she fell asleep on my shoulder for the hundredth time, or any of the infinite moments in between. But it was also most assuredly just yesterday. And this morning. And I'll probably do it again tomorrow.

Because my baby is one. But she's still my baby. And she's a full year of awesome.

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