Monday, August 11, 2014

Crib notes

Babies are cute and all, but sleeping babies? That's a whole other category of adorable. Their little squishy bodies get even squishier, and their tiny angel faces and teeny little puppy snuffle breaths make you forget all about the havoc they raised nonstop before they finally gave in to exhaustion. And I know there is a saying about letting sleeping babies lie (dogs, really. But we have a "you wake it you take it" rule with our kids, so it's similar) but sometimes the adorableness is just too adorable, and I find myself powerless against the urge to sneak in there and document the heartbreaking sweetness of it all.

This particular day, Fin was rocking an extra long nap, so I wasn't too concerned about waking her. Plus I had accidentally left the blinds open, and her clothes were serendipitously coordinated with her bedfellows (her doggie, and quilt). All of that is pretty much the equivalent of the stars aligning for an impromptu photoshoot.

She's a living, breathing cherub, no?
I mean...look at the piggies!

And the quilt. My adoration maybe got a little misplaced for a minute when I was distracted by how much I still love that little beauty.

And then...whoops. The lady stirreth.
(upping her cuteness game with some bedhead, big sleepy eye-rubbing, a little baby potbelly, and some chubby ham-hocks.)

She was astounded to see me. Natch. 

But warmed up quickly, and was her coy, silly, supremely awesome self in no time.

She humored my snap snapping...

Until she didn't. 

But all was well when big sister came "to check on her" as usual (bringing Daddy along of course).

This girl. Is just too, too much. I wish I could hand out tiny Fins everywhere I go, so everyone could experience the joy of this little nugget. But instead, I'll settle for blogging one million pictures of her perfect round face. Happy Monday, Internet, from Fin and me.
P.s. Thanks to all who entered the giveaway. Congrats to the winner, Breann!

And speaking of things that are awesome: have you checked out the new Bowdenisms facebook page yet? I think you probably should. But of course I would say that.

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  1. yes, I'm totally "catching up" on all things Bowden.... I wish you COULD hand out tiny fins all day long, lol. that's so funny. and adorable. Well, she's adorable.