Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Pip-speaks: The Throwback Edition

The From the mouth of  a 1 3/4 year old babe edition.
(Originally written- but never posted- just over a year ago.)

Pip-speak #1: Words that "rhyme" least when she says them
(so we're all about context clues around here).
Big truck
Wake up!

Pip-speak #2: Repeating new words ad nauseum, to get a feel for them
{Hearing a dog bark}: "Puppy, loud. Loud. Puppy. Puppy loud. Loud puppy." 
{Getting in her carseat}: I buckle? Shin buckle? Mama buckle? Papa buckle? Jacob buckle?...
Pip-speak #3: Signature silliness
{Putting a swim diaper on her hand}: A puppet!

Pip-speak #4: Emotional development
"I pushin'. Mad. Not nice."

Pip-speak #5: Words I hope she never learns to say correctly
He' go! {aka "Here you go"}
Soddy {aka "sorry"}
Heaby! {aka "heavy"} 
Re-rah {aka zebra} 

Pip-speak #6: All day every day
{Regarding all things} That my's!!!
{Regarding all places} I come too!

Pip-speak #7: Fin's unofficial vocal representative:
aka: Shin cryin'. Shin sad. Shin happy. Shin sleepin'....{etc. and so on all day}

{Fin, crying due to hiccups}
 Piper: Fin sad. 
 Mama: Yes, do you know why? 
Piper: Poop?

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  1. love these. I hope I can remember to document some sofia-isms once the boys are back in school. she is quite the chatterbox.