Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thrive Moms, Rest, Influence and Fear

Today I'm guest posting at Thrive Moms...talking about rest...
But do you know what is absolutely the worst feeling in the world? Recognizing that type of fatigue, and making an effort to pursue some sort of rest, only to find yourself even more weary at the end of it. You know- you have a long, loooooong day, so you attempt to treat yourself with a mindless activity. But the treat actually turns into a binge, and the activity spirals into an empty waste that leaves you feeling just as tired, and now kind of guilty and annoyed. It's knowing you need rest, but pursuing the wrong kind.
{I know you've been there...Read the full post, and tell me how you find refreshing rest.}

And today in real life, I'm headed to The Influence Conference.
If you're following me on Instagram, you'll see that I went two years ago and had a blast, but that doesn't mean that the butterflies haven't come back this time around. Some other attendees have already embraced me though, so I'm trying to be more excited than nervous.

If you're going too, come say hi! Or humor me if I get the courage to say hi to you!
And if you're not can still be a part of the fun.

Thanks for following along with all my rants, and pics, and travels. This blogging thing is a strange little gig (can you say "gig" if you don't get paid?) but as I said when I returned from the last conference:

I won't always be funny. I'll even more rarely be wise. And I'll never be perfect. But I can at least commit to being real, while aligning myself firmly with His grace to cover me when I inevitably go astray. Thanks for walking with me.

(Ps. check out: My two biggest hesitations in attending the conference in 2012...And my five fears when I came home...Or just read all my Influence posts.)

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