Friday, October 3, 2014


If I was really going to share my latest pins with you, I'd have to post about 1,347 halloween costume ideas (I went on a pinning-spree the other night and may have saved all the costume pictures to my account. I kept them on my secret board though so I didn't 1: looks like a crazy person, and 2: give away all my ideas before settling on this year's costumes. Gotta keep up some mystery...) So instead, this round of Obsesspins is just a handfull of non-Halloween pretties. Enjoy!

Current Obsesspins

Can you have too many giant gold cocktail rings? Never. (This one is sold out, but that doesn't make it not beautiful.)
Ok, I know I probably pin way too many pretty, slightly cheesy quotes, but I'm a sucker for a sunset pic, and swirly type. Plus I really do like this sentiment- we're always just trying to keep things moving around here, even if we're not 100% sure where we're headed. We'll get there...somewhere...someday...
There's about a million reasons my hair will never look like this, but hey- a girl can dream. (hence the name "dream hair").
Ok, I cheated and put a Halloween costume in here...but seriously, this Chia pet makes me laugh so hard. I almost want a dog just to dress him up. Maybe the neighbors will let me borrow one of theirs...
Still working (in theory) on designing the girls' bedrooms (or perhaps shared bedroom....someday?) Love this "mingo" for Piper. (And the rest of the picks in this great little round up of nursery art)

You have any Obsesspins worth sharing? Or are you saving things in secret Pin hoarding shame like me?

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