Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pizza shop photoshoot

On Sunday, we trekked out to get a tree, but stopped for a quick (kind of...) slice of pizza- or 8- on the way. (Full bellies = happy hunters) We goofed around for a bit while we waited on our food, and I handed the camera to Dustin to snap a few shots of my rowdy booth-mates.

And this magic happened:

Dang, I love that little girl. And I'm downright obsessed with how Dustin captured her in this photo. (Though I'm not in love with how she looks about a day away from her teenage years...How is this happening?!)

Oh- and then there's this hamball:

Sometimes (a lot) in my head I call her Crazy Old Maurice.

I'm so thankful for these goons. And for sunshine-y December days, last minute plan changes, toddlers who eat their weight in pizza crust, and for those magic moments when the mundane things of life turn unexpectedly awesome. Our family lives at this wild intersection of routine and spectacular, and I have to say: it's a crazy-good spot to be.

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