Thursday, August 27, 2015

Take Three

Here we go again...the accidental, but now required, Bowden childhood tradition of donning a mushroom printed onesie, and taking a snooze on a giant bed while your mother stands over you snapping photos. You know, the usual. 

Left: Piper- 7 days old    //    Center: Finley- 13 days old    //    Right: Miller- 10 days old

With siblings, the comparison game is pretty much inevitable, especially at this stage. I don't want to raise any of them in the others' shadows, but comparing baby pictures is just adorable fun.

Everyone has been asking who Miller looks like (besides Dustin, duh) and so far I've been seeing a lot of Piper in him (it could be his tendency to furrow his of his big sister's signature moves). But he also has a bit more of a delicate-ness to him (you know, in a super manly way...) that is more reminiscent of Fin. And as I stare at him around 20 hours of every day, there are moments when he looks exactly like one of the girls (I get flashbacks to identical scenes or snapshots from their baby days), and times when he's just 100% him.

Some closer looks: 



Arghhh...too much cuteness. Is there anything better than a week old squishy babe?

It'll be interesting to see how he changes over the coming weeks and months. The girls' looks transformed a ton over time, so who he resembles could shift. I'm not holding out hope that he'll end up favoring my side of the family...the Bowden genes are strong (and cute, so no one is complaining!)...but I am excited to see this little guy grow and turn into his own unique little person- As long as he doesn't break my heart by rushing out of the newborn phase too quickly.

(And just for the record, I still predict that he's going to be a blonde).

Oh, and if you're wondering: yes, upon dressing him in this outfit, I did in fact repeat the "I'm a fun-guy" joke, pretty much all day. Never gets old (especially when your audience is a newborn).

P.S. Catch rounds one and two of this strange milestone.
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  1. he is so precious and I bet he's one FUN-GUY! love that joke. - fellow corny jokester