Friday, September 18, 2015

House of Bowden: 3D*

*ok, obviously not really 3D. but it sounds cool. 

This is it! The triumphant conclusion to House Tour Week! Dun dun dun DAHHHHH (how do you type that and not have it sound ominous? I was going for celebratory....)

So far I've shown off photos of the guest room, and the girls' shared bedroom, (and gave you a peek at Miller's room recently too) but I thought we were due for another video tour of the house in total (the last one was almost a year ago!) We haven't done any other major overhauls, but there are little updates here and there that are worth mentioning. Plus it's fun to see it all at once in context. Through the wonders of technology (aka my iphone) you can feel like you're here live and in person!

It is eleven I'll keep my set-up rambling to a minimum (I apologize for the length, but it does include footage of a sleeping baby Miller, so that should make it worthwhile). But I at least have to mention the #showyourreal of it all- this is about the calmest and cleanest my house ever is. The girls were at "school" and we had just picked up everything in preparation for our cleaning lady to come. (Yes, I have to clean for my cleaning lady. Is that the biggest White Whine ever? Trust me, I know how fortunate I am...) So please don't think we always have things show-ready over here. Most days, we're lucky to have everyone dressed, and enough clean plates for everyone to eat off of. (don't believe me? Stick around for the end where I finally show you the basement. Aka my den of hoarding shame).

C'mon in, and enjoy!

House tour- September '15 from Courtney Bowden on Vimeo.

P.S. The official House Tour Week may be over, but if you're itching for more decor goodness, you can see all of our house updates on our "home page", view #houseofbowden pics on IG, or check out the homestead archives.
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