Friday, September 25, 2015

Miller's Monthly Muggin'

As hard as I try, I can't possible come up with a fresh take on the whole time flies thing. But seriously you guys. It does. And it IS. Somehow I'm pretty sure Miller arrived yesterday, but actually it's been almost six weeks since his birth. How?

But as much as I try to deny it, my sweet baby is growing up. The bright side is that means I've had more time to smother him in kisses. And as he gets bigger, there's more surface area to smother in kisses. This is what your mother does, Miller. Try to get used to being a good way. 

So last week we celebrated the one month milestone the way we always do around here...With a photoshoot. He may be the third kid, but that doesn't mean he's getting out of the monthly face collages. On the contrary, it actually means he's required to be a part of this tradition. I make zero apologies.

What a squishy old man! (Also known as tiny angry Dustin). For fun, I checked out Piper and Fin's one month photoshoots and somehow, Miller actually looks like the two of them had a baby (Fin's first shoot, and Piper at one month).

But regardless of who he resembles, or how judgy his mug is, we adore this little (big) guy. He's just so awesome...I go on record saying that the first month with babies is pretty much the worst- I mean, magical, yes, but also so stinkin' hard- so if it only gets better from here, I don't even know what we're in for. I just know I'm in love.
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