Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pack it up, pack it in

Today I have a quick lesson in the art of diaper bag packing. Three kids in, I must be an efficiency expert now, right?


I present: The Newborn Edition

Mama things: wallet, sunglasses, a pen, hair ties, chapstick, phone, and keys (not pictured, but tucked safely in the outer front pocket). Easy peasy.

Baby things: diapers, wipes, extra outfit, hand sanitizer, wet bag, changing mat. 
When the baby doesn't even know he has hands yet, the packing is delightfully light. 

And now...Diaper bag packing: The 3, 3 & Under edition

Kid things: 
  • toy cell phone (so they have something to fight over)
  • more pens...I somehow always end up with so many pens
  • tissues (that they'll either use up in 2.5 seconds, or refuse to bother preferring their sleeve instead)
  • sunscreen (that they must apply their "own self"!)
  • assorted bows and clips that they've ripped out of their hair (minutes after demanding to have them put in)
  • (broken) crayons
  • chapstick (yes, there should be two...I will regret that error)
  • random toy pieces from a kid's meal purchased at some point in the last month
  • sippy cups, because: so thiiiiiirstyyyyyyy (apparently all the errands I take my kids on take place in the desert)
  • sunglasses (again...Ohio is a hot, blinding desert, obviously)
  • shoes (because the preschooler will eventually need them because she insists upon wearing flip flops even though they hurt her feet) 
  • more shoes (because once the preschooler has shoes, the toddler will want to change out of her flip flops too)
  • stuffed animals, more stuffed animals, and the head of a pig costume that the toddler has gotten strangely fond of carrying around
  • art masterpieces that should not under any circumstances be folded or "crampled"
  • at least 7 baby socks so little mamas can dress up their baby brother
Not pictured (but likely in tow): used tissues, toddler diapers (not because I forgot to photo them...more likely because I forgot to pack them...) and my behavioral incentive of choice (bribe): fruit snacks, 

So basically I'm one kid away from official pack mule status. Throw a blanket on me and call me burro. (Do burros get naps after their treks? If so....I'm in.)

Can anyone else relate to this struggle? What's the strangest thing you've found lurking in your bag?

{Madeline diaper bag care of Lily Jade. All thoughts (and excessive amounts of junk) are my own}

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