Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Oh how I LOOOOOOOOVE Thanksgiving.'s in my top five favorite holidays. Maybe even top three. But really, what's not to love? It's like the trifle/shepherd's pie of holidays:

Food: good
Family: good
Four day weekend: good

Yep. It's a winner. Plus...pause while I bring you brand new's all about being thankful. Another very good thing. 

I could go on (and on and on and on) about the big big blessings in my life- my job, my house, my family, my church, my friends...I could get really deep and sappy, and theological, and heavy (oh wait...I sort of already did that) and it would be real and true and good....But you know what else is real and true and good? Silly, frivolous fun. Yes...let's add a layer of that to our trifle! So here's a silly little list of some somewhat frivolous things that in this moment I'm really, truly thankful for (And please feel free to ignore that approximately 85% of this list is food):
  • Magic keys that unlock my van doors from inside my purse
  • Sunflower crunch chopped salad
  • Baby clothes with animal shaped feet
  • Beer
  • iphone chargers with extra long cords
  • That noise that babies make before they go to sleep, where they breath in like four times in a row and then relax. You know that noise? Yes. 
  • Selfie sticks (Judge me all you want. They're fun). 
  • Oxy clean
  • When my kids requests "puffs" (two pigtail buns) in their hair
  • A house with more than one bathroom (especially when the whole family has the stomach flu. Ok, that was complaining disguised as gratitude...)
  • Chick Fil A sauce. And Cane's sauce. And Bibibop's yum yum sauce. I love sauce. Sauce sauce sauce.
  • Puffins. I'm just really happy to live in a world where we have animals that look like puffins, that are named something like puffins. 
  • Having Dustin chauffeur me to work
  • Matching Christmas jammies (I'm putting that one out there early. If I'm thankful for them, they will come). 
  • My diaper bag/work bag/makes me feel stylish and put together while hiding smooshed up fruit snacks and backup onesies bag. 

  • Crockpot meals
  • Getting a surprise bonus third peanut inside of one shell (as if Five Guys could get any better!)
  • Baby sneezes
  • When Miller wakes up at 4AM (not 2, not 6). It's late enough that I actually got a fair number of hours in a row, and early enough to still have time to go back to bed. 
  • The 100 Grand bars I sneaked out of my kids' Halloween buckets
  • The way Fin pronounces "pan-pakes"
  • First floor laundry (I actually love hearing the washer/dryer running. Makes me feel like I'm being productive, just by proximity).
  • Muppets
  • This song
  • The tears of joy emoji. (and wide-eyed emoji. and Oprah praise hands emoji.)
  • Blanket cardigans 

And about 1,000 (x 1,000) other things, epically big and impossibly small. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Muah!
I'm thrilled to be partnering with Lily Jade...I really do love my bag so much I could make an entire list just about it: converts to a backpack, made of yummy (and durable, and wipeable) leather, big enough to store all my stuff without making me feel like I'm lugging a rolly-suitcase, outside pockets for all the things I have to have constant/immediate access to (keys, phone, so many stray hairclips and tiny rings). And when I take it to work I can forget for a few minutes that I'm a mom. Until I realize there's spit up on my shirt...{Madeline diaper bag care of Lily Jade. All thoughts- and thanks-are my own}

P.s. You can check out a couple thankful-lists from the past...(You're going to want to click on that link, if only to enjoy Fin's fat thighs. NOM NOM!)

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