Monday, January 18, 2016


Guess what! It's my birthday! 
Guess what else!? I'm turning 32, and I have 3 kids, so things (understandably) aren't all about me anymore...

Now, I'm not trying to be a martyr. I still looooove my birthday, and we did celebrate this weekend with a super fun little shin-dig, and a date night last night. So don't cry for me Argentina. The truth is, I'm very well taken care of. But at the same time, birthdays look a little different these days. With a gaggle of little ones running around, I don't exactly have the luxury of having things revolve around me. I do have a few more people to celebrate with (Fin has been singing for about a week) but in the end, 32 isn't exactly anything to write home about. Plus, I'm pretty certain no one wants to see 9 pics of my face for this milestone, so let's switch gears and celebrate a different Bowden bday: Miller is five months! 

He continues to get cuter, and cuter, but truth be told, there were moments (days/weeks) this month where I thought we weren't going to make it. I thought for sure we were going to have to hire an Alice to help with our half-bunch, or find out if gypsies are still in the market for spare children. But something clicked mid-month, and our fussy baby turned himself around, and became his loveable self again. Praise hands.
(Though he did pull an epic all nighter last night. So we don't appear to be out of the baby-tyrant woods quite yet.)

So my birthday weekend this year wasn't all sleeping in, massages, flowers, presents, and general selfish gluttony like the old days (to Dustin's credit, it was at least little bit of all of that...we just had a couple early mornings, a few tantrums, and a whole lot of messes packed in there too). But having this little smooshy face- plus the two older Bowden ladies- in my life (even the wee morning hours of my life) is the best gift I could dream of. 

Happy five months, Miller B. You're a dreamboat, and I couldn't be happier you're mine. (Now go to sleep!)

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  1. First, happy belated birthday!! And second, your Miller is adorable! :) You'll get back to the big days of gluttonous birthday celebrating soon enough - enjoy the chaos while it's here!