Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Never Forgot-ten

Don't worry, I didn't forget our little animal's ten month birthday...I just had to postpone the photoshoot a couple of days due to him getting a fever. Miller was a bit under the weather when we traveled to Philly last month, and he turned out to have a double ear infection. Poor little bug! (I could have done a photo montage of my sad mama face) So we had a week of sweaty, snotty cuddles, but once the amoxicillin kicked in he was back in action. Good thing too- because we had a whirlwind couple of weeks celebrating his sister's third birthday, and then going on our first big vacation as a family of five. So our scheduled documentation got a little unscheduled.

It's easy for a third baby to get a little lost in the shuffle sometimes (thankfully we at least remembered to pack everyone in the van for our trip, and avoided a KEVIN! situation) but thankfully Miller is easy going, and doesn't mind rolling with the craziness around here. Plus, I'm pretty sure he knows we love him to bits, and I would never forget about him. (Except that one time in the church nursery, but I went back right away, so it barely counts).  

So a little late, but still a LOT cute...here are nine snapshots of ten month Miller: 

Previous months: 12345678, 9
(and 10 month old Piper, and Fin). 
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