Monday, August 15, 2016

Mr. Onederful


My wee little tiny baby boy is one.

I'd be a weepy puddle of mess if I didn't just adore who he is now. But I wisely avoided going through too many of his newborn pictures, because while One Year Old Miller is pretty much one of my favorite people, Brand New Miller was a special kind of magic. I can't flip through the archives long without wanting to somehow start all over and have his teeny tiny little body in my hands again.

But regardless of how much I adored and miss the little Miller of yesteryear, the Miller of today is just so stinkin' great, I hardly want to look back. I mean....Just look at him:

I know. Perfection.
But just for fun, let's go ahead and look back anyway, shall we?

I love every. single. face.

And if that wasn't enough Miller for you (no such thing...) great news: I also subjected him to another monthly photo project:

It's so fun to look back on the transformation of this little meatball into a mini man.

What a year, Miller B. I can't wait to see all the millions of ways you (continue to) woo us, astound us, and make us proud in the next year. You couldn't be more loved. 

Previous months: 12345678910, 11.
(and 1 year old Piper, and Fin). 
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