Monday, September 26, 2016

Little Pip-Speaks: Volume 26

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but I've been collecting key quips from my little whippersnappers over the Summer. I try to jot down the extra funny/adorable ones whenever they come, and these two little goobers are basically good for a quote every day. And at this point, I should really change the name of the series to include both girls, because Fin is catching up to her sister in the sassy-saying department. Wherever do they get it?!

Pip-speak #1:
Piper: There were lots of friends at soccer. Will, Grace, Teddy...Teddy is not just a stuffed animal. It is also a person. 

Pip-speak #2:
Piper {knowing she's not allowed to say "boring" anymore}: Do you know what's...a little less fun than the other things? The letter m. 

Pip-speak #3:
Mama {listening to the car stereo}: Isn't this song pretty?
Piper: Yes. I love the voice who sings it. 
{later that song}
Piper: I love this song. I can't wait to hear my voice sing it. 

Pip-speak #4:
Piper: I can not remember. That is too much for my mind to hold. 

Pip-speak #5:
Piper {putting on a pretend theater production}: I'll write your name here to check you into the show. 
Mama: Can you write Courtney JoAnn Stegmayer Bowden? That's my name. 
Piper: Umm...I'll just put a check.

Pip-speak #6:

Piper: Daddy, who do you think is going to wear diapers first: G'mi, or Papa? 

Pip-speak #7:
Piper {from the top bunk, talking down to Fin at bedtime}: Do you want to hear a new song? 
Fin: No.
Piper: Well how about I start singing it and you just tell me if you like it. 

Pip-speak #8:
Piper {listening to Megan Trainer's song "No."}: She sounds like a bossy lady. 

Pip-speak #9:
Piper: Mama, I like Jesus. 
Mama: Good, baby, he loves you. 
Piper: I love him too. That's why I was looking at the clouds. I saw one that looked like Jesus. 

Pip-speak #10:
Piper {seeing Fin pout}: Fin, you better put that lip in or some birdie's gonna come land on it. 

Pip-speak #11:
Piper {in the double stroller}: Isn't this the life, Fin? Being pushed around... 

Pip-speak #12:
Mama: Piper, did you see that guy? He was trying to run and not get hit with the sprinklers. 
Piper: And I bet he didn't have his bathing suit on. I wouldn't like that. 
Mama: What? Getting all wet? 
Piper: Yeah. Maybe if we could stand on the water like Jesus.... 

Pip-speak #13:
Piper: Finney, would you like to snuggle with me for nap? This offer will not last forever.
Finnish #1:
Mama {listening to complaining while we're out on the boat}: Girls, you're very lucky. 
Piper: Why?
Mama: Not everyone has a boat. Not everyone gets to do fun things like this.
Fin: Yeah. They just have to swim with their arms. 

Finnish #2:
Fin: Do you want to hear the song in my mouth? **Hums**
Piper: Fin, that is called humming. 
Fin: Well I call it the song in my mouth. 

Finnish #3:
Fin {singing the Spider man theme song- after requesting it 85 times in a row in the car}: Spider man, spider man, shoots a web, shoots a wall...Spider man, spider man, shoots a web, eats a snack. Look out! Spider maaaaaaaan.

Finnish #4:
Fin: I got a wotta toys.
Piper: You got water toys? 
Fin: No. Wotta toys. 
Piper: Water toys?
Fin: No! Wotta! 
Piper: Oh. A Lotta toys! 

Finnish #5:
Piper: **crying because Fin hit her in the back**
G'mi: Fin, what did you do? 
Fin: I hit her and I said "Get a move on, Piper." She was going too slow. 

Finnish #6:
Fin: I'm making this apple into a person. I already gave it a long arm and I'm gonna make another arm. {shows off her apple with the skin bitten off in an unrecognizable shape}

Finnish #7:
Fin: Dad!! There is a fly on the table and he's not killed! 

Finnish #8:
Fin {all the time}: Oh my gracious.

Finnish #9:
Fin {also all the time}: I was just joking you.

Finnish #10:
Piper: Daddy, I don't feel good. My belly hurts. 
Daddy: Well when I woke up, and my belly hurt too. But then I had a big toot and I felt better. Sometimes the toots can get stuck in your belly. 
Fin: Yeah. The toot fairy come and take the toots away. 

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