Monday, May 22, 2017

One Day of Seconds

As Piper's last day of preschool approaches (well- approached- it's today!) we're gearing up for a new season (both literally- yay summer!- and in the larger more figurative "seasons of life" sense). This Summer she'll be back at daycare with her siblings, so we'll once again have a new rhythm and routine to adjust to. But before we move towards the future, you know I have to pause for a second to appreciate the now. And by "a second"...I really mean, a compilation of seconds...

You see I knew I wanted to document what life looks like for us right now before we shift to something new, and I figured it'd be fun to anniversary a project from last year: a day in the life video of seconds from one of our days. So Friday, I cleared some storage on my phone, and went about capturing little snippets with the 1 Second Everyday app. I didn't come close to recording everything that goes into a day..but for me, the meaning of these tiny slices is bigger than the sum of their parts. So much of life- now, and maybe always- can seem like a string of mundane moments, it's so easy for me to see monotony. But when I take just a second to pause and really take everything in, I remember how extraordinary our ordinary really is.

Notable notes from Friday, May 19th, 2017:
(For some reason, as I made this round of video, I focused a lot on the sounds of our days...I take a lot of pictures- understatement?-, so much of our lives are visually documented, but I love that video allows me to preserve another sensory memory. There are so many little noises that have become woven into the routine of our day- and I love how hearing them can transport me back to that moment in time.) 
  • This was a "shower day". I have a pretty steady "shower every other day" thing going on over here...and while I feel mildly self-conscious about admitting that, it's just what works for me right now. (And by "works" I mean, allows me to sleep-in as much as humanly possible at least 3 days a week, which makes the morning routine grid feel somewhat bearable). Dustin, bless his morning-rising, exercise-loving, servant-leading heart, gets up early, works out, showers, and is still ready before the rest of us. Plus he makes us all breakfast. Never leave me, Dustin Bowden. I'll even shower an extra day here and there if you want me to. 
  • I get the job and privilege of getting Miller up each day. He's always awake before I get in there, but never complains. He's happy to play on his own, but also thrilled to see me. The best 2 minutes of every single one of my days is going into his room, chit chatting with him, and looking out the window together. (Note- he does not stay this happy all evidenced by the frequency and magnitude of his crying at various points in this video- and in soooooo many moments not captured. That guy feels big, I'll tell you that.)
  • Fin would have been watching TV with Piper, but due to a truly epic fit the night before, she lost her screen time privileges. Taking away "shows" seems like some of our only motivational leverage these days, so we pull that lever probably more often than we should. 
  • This was a pretty decent example of us having our sh*t together in terms of lunch prep. Thankfully daycare takes care of lunch for the littles, but we have to pack for Piper, (and Dustin and me, unless we want Jimmy Johns...again). Her lunch is almost always done the night before, but Dustin and I are usually eating breakfast with one hand, while cobbling together some sort of salad or leftovers for ourselves with the other. (and wiping syrup off of every kid/surface in sight, with any other hands we have free). 
  • Dustin and I ride to work together about 3/4ths of the time (based on whatever's going on at work that day), but due to the schedule and childcare situation, Monday and Fridays (thank goooooodness) are the only days we have to take all three kids to their two different schools (and Friday is the only day we have to pick them all up). Days when we're all together, and have to make all the stops are easily the most hectic...the fact that Dustin and I both had to be in the same 9AM client meeting added to the chaos/pressure of it all. But we made it...pretty much...
  • Fin is basically a backseat DJ, shouting out endless, extremely repetitive requests. Our current rotation consists mostly of anything from Trolls or Moana, plus VBS songs, and Stitches (which she- for some reason- deems as my favorite is catchy). 
  • I ate one of those donuts. But I only took half first, as a bit of a wishful thinking lie to myself, before nearly immediately devouring the other half.
  • Our office allows dogs, and I borrow any and all of them for desk-side snuggles when they let me.
  • Is there anything better than the sound of a mid-afternoon soda pour? I'm straight up Pavlovian when I hear a can open...
  • I'm physically incapable of dialing into a conference call correctly on the first try. I don't even try anymore. 
  • That gumball was totally for show. I don't ever get them, but having grown up with a gumball machine in our kitchen my whole life makes that noise another one of my happiness triggers. 
  • Ok, the kids greeting me after school with breathless yells of "MAMA" is pretty much the best sound ever. 
  • We had no plan for dinner (like many Fridays...) and would have gone out if not for the torrential downpour (ain't nobody got time for buckling three carseats in the rain). So- frozen pizza to the rescue. 
  • That fire alarm. Every. Time. At this point it's less of a fire alarm and more of a "you opened the oven" alarm. I'm a little nervous about how well the kids have learned to completely ignore it.
  • It was raining like the apocalypse all afternoon, but the minute it stopped, you better believe I shuffled everyone outside. They're all usually pretty wiped from a long day/week, but a little time and space to spread out and work off that post-dinner ice cream buzz does them all (and me) good. 
  • Bedtime read aloud is in the running for my favorite moment of each day. Give me a snuggle-ready, jammied-up kid and I'll read allllll the books. 
  • Post bedtime real, and exhausting. Friday nights used to be time to party. Now they're just another (too)short kid-free window to either knock out some to-do's, or bail on everything and watch Netflix. Or usually- a little bit of both.
What. A. Day. 

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