Friday, July 6, 2018

I want to remember: July 4th Edition

Fourth of July is one of my absolute favorite holidays- mostly for purely superficial and indulgent reasons (so much delicious food, fun outdoor activities, great music, and themed fanfare!), though I can get into the meaningful side of patriotism as well. (Show me a reunion between a soldier and his kids...I will bawl).

Having little ones makes the holiday even more fun in so many ways, but also even more of a hassle in so many ways (on Fourth of July, as in life). I've come to terms that these little-kid years might not be prime for firework watching (I'm pretty sure we haven't gone since Piper was born...) but I'm learning to appreciate the special little joys that come with this season as well.

These days, I don't really blog the way I used to...meaning, I don't blog very often, but also, relatedly, I don't blog they same way I used to. I try to carve out time for big posts that are burning on my heart (or seem like they could potentially be helpful to others) but I don't typically make it a priority to do smaller, more routine documentation. Partly that's because I don't have the time anymore (much to my chagrin, raising three kids trumps documenting the raising of three kids) but also partly because we now have a lot more tools in place for recording memories (Instagram posts and stories, Chatbooks, my Five-Year-Journal, 1 Second Every Day100 day challenges...) so long-form blogging feels a little antiquated. And actually, typing out that list of all the ways I'm documenting things makes me feel much better about how I'm doing as the "family historian" (which is often about as glamorous as the "family secretary" a role in which I also serve.)

Since I do so much "micro-blogging", posting and saving little snippets, it's harder for me to also commit to a more thorough write up of things that I perceive as more "mundane". But as much as I love looking back on the big stuff- vacations, milestones, birthdays etc.- I don't want to miss the tiny magic that happens in the day to day (even when that day is a holiday). I don't want to remember the forest, but forget the trees. (or perhaps a more accurate metaphor: forget the way that sweet little ladybug felt on my toes as I stood at the base of the trees.) Childhood is a long season, but it's also a million micro-moments that are easy to lose sight of in the present. We don't always make much of these little markers, maybe because we're so tired, maybe because we assume there are a million more coming just like them, maybe because they don't seem special until they're gone.

So as I went to bed last night looking back on all of the events of the day, I replayed little snippets and quotes in my mind. Nothing earth-shattering...just the sweet stuff of who my kids are right now that I want to hold on to.

I want to remember:
  • Miller's free and sincere (and sometimes inaccurate) compliments: "Mama, these are great Lunchables that you made."
  • The way they eagerly collected every, single flyer the parade participants had to offer, only to hand them over to me immediately without a second glance. Desperately wanted it; cannot be bothered with it. 
  • How they found every "act" of the parade equally impressive- LOOK! A dog!/police car!/drummer!/old lady wearing a hat! What is he?...oooh a basement repair guy? Cool!
  • Fin practicing handstands with me, reassuring me that she has trouble getting that second leg up too. Watching and taking turns, encouraging me, "That was a good one mama!"
  • How excited they were for all the "gear". They wanted to wear all of the necklaces (except the "itchy" flower leis), they fought over the visors, tried to make the headbands fit over their bike helmets, and wanted confirmation that the glasses made them look "supa-cool". (They, in fact, did.)

  • The toddler belief that spray bottles are good for misting yourself, each other, your mom, but mostly yourself, and specifically in your mouth. 
  • Miller's snow cone flavor request: "I want blue. (long pause)...And red, and orange and green and purple."
  • How fast a 32oz Coke Slushie goes when three baby birds think you brought it back to the nest for them.
  • The noise their feet make on the hardwood floors (so loud, so fast!) as they run around with their friends playing a made-up game I'll likely never understand.
  • That they are still young enough to buy my selfish lies about how the fireworks might be cancelled due to the rain (and rescheduled for when you're like, 8 and won't be such a nightmare if I let you stay up late). "Mama, when we get home will you look on your phone to see if it's going to rain because I've never seen fireworks before!"
  • Miller saying "watch me, Tine!" x100 as he throws a ball almost to the ceiling (just a couple feet shy!) again and again to impress his older friend.
  • Pop-its, smoke bombs and sparklers are just scary enough to be a thrill, and just safe enough to be fun. 
P.S. Quick little rundowns of our "4ths" from years gone-by: 2009 and 2008.


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