Friday, May 7, 2021

One Room Challenge: A Jill & Jill (and Jill) Bathroom

After one year in our house, we're still tackling some projects here and there but our progress has slowed quite a bit. The literal dust has settled from the flurry of renovation when we moved in, and we've stagnated around "good enough for now" in a lot of spaces. So when I saw The One Room Challenge was starting up again, I thought that might be just the thing to give me a little kickstart. (If you're not familiar with ORC, it's a design event encouraging designers/DIYers to transform a space in eight weeks.)We're all better with a little bit of community and accountability- so I decided to dive in!

The space I'll be working on: The girls' bathroom. 

We have a "Jack and Jill" bathroom connecting two bedrooms upstairs- our big girls' room, and our toddler's room. So technically it's a Jill & Jills bathroom? It's fully functional, but also fully boring, filled with builder-grade basics, and no personality.

The (Way) Before:
(the only picture of the space as-is when we bought it)

See? Not terrible, but certainly not exciting...(or pretty, or modern, or...anything, really). 

Before we moved in, we had the entire house painted (walls and trim) so that helped ease some of the beige-overload, but that's about where our effort stopped with this room.
The Before:
As you can see...not a lot has changed, other than it is significantly messier, due to three humans actually using the space. We hung up two pieces of art from the kids' bathroom in the old house. And....that's it.

My plans for this room are pretty's mostly going to be some "cheap and cheerful" cosmetic updates to give the space a bit of personality without going all out with a "real" renovation. C'mon back next week for a peek at what I'm planning, and some updates what we've done so far!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do. Love your style in the whole house!!!

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