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I'm delighted you’re here! Feel free to explore and say hello...(and don't worry if you're costume-less, we'll provide the hats...)

My husband Dustin and I have been married over fifteen glorious years, and after seven years in The Steel City (Pittsburgh, for those of you unfamiliar), we're back in the OH-IO. We started Bowdenisms on the very last day of 2007, (for the blogger tax break, obviously....) as a way to share bits and pieces of our little lives with family and friends. We love our families, each other, and Jesus. (not necessarily in that order) as well as a host of other silly little things (which you can learn more about here). You may be wondering....
What’s a Bowdenism?
That’s just a fancy word for the crazy stuff we Bowdens say. And after many failed attempts of coming up with the most clever blog name ever- I settled on that.

Why I blog?
Fame? Fortune? Nah....just because I love it! (not that I’d turn my nose up at a little extra attention...or cash!). I started blogging on a whim (and even pressured Dustin into joining in for a while), but it’s grown into a special little place where I share our stories, my dreams, and my heart. You can read more about the “why’s” here.

What do I blog about?I'm pretty much an open book (ahem, blog), so if you browse around a bit, you’re sure to get to know us pretty well....

My favorite topic though, without a doubt, is our mini-Bowdens. Our first daughter Piper Jane arrived in November of 2011. She was so much fun, we decided to do it again, and welcomed Finley Joann in June of 2013. Our third little bundle of joy, Miller August arrived in 2015. So even if you don't like my writing, or get my humor, these babies are pretty irresistible, so at least stick around for some adorable pics.

We're also licensed foster parents...and while we can't share too many details about the kiddos, I do try to be open and honest about our experience. You can read about our foster care journey here.

Speaking of honesty- the other big deal around here is Show Your Real. It started as a personal mission to promote authenticity, and grew into a series featuring guest writers brave enough to expose the reality of their lives- good and bad. Our goal is to encourage one another, and to foster a sense of community that goes beyond the often suface-y interactions of social media.  
(Please join us...comment, link, and hashtag to spread the #showyourreal love!)

So there you have it. Stick around, and you'll get a whole lotta motherhood, some raging parties, a healthy dose of fashion, and an incredible amount of silliness.

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Thanks for stopping in!
Courtney (& the rest of the Bowdens)

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