Monday, February 18, 2008

210 baby!

Two Hundred Ten.
Dos ciento y dos.

210 is the number of pounds I benched on Friday night! I've never broken the 200 mark. In fact, never even gotten close!

When I played football (yes I played football in high school...they didn't have cuts) I worked out all the time, but I had a hard time putting on weight which is the curse of death when you're trying to lift more pounds.
So I've been working out with Sean. He was a personal trainer in college and he kicks my butt week in and week out. It would seem like it's finally paying off.

I'm not trying to brag... ok I am a little, but I'm pretty excited to have benched that much. I weigh about 150 lbs so being able put up 210 is 1.4 times my body weight.

Maybe someday I'll look like this:
But in reality my ultimate goal is this:


  1. That is so terrifying, and delicious (respectively).
    Veiny muscles=scary
    Ryan Reynolds= mmmmmmm (except he could stand a good waxing)

  2. yeah ... the one dude is, um, oily? creepy? cyborgian?

    But Ryan Reynolds is yummy. I'm sure I'll be seeing him in the new romantic comedy 'Definitely, Maybe' any day now.

  3. first of all, congrats... you are an inspiration to us all... i ate blueberry oatmeal this morning and thought of you... (in that non-creepy, blueberry-lovin' kind of way...)

    secondly, i second (no pun intended) courtney and brian's props to ryan reynolds... oddly enough, thinking of him makes me jones for pizza... hmm...

    last, but surely not least, i hope to God that someday i see you attempting this:

    i'll be the one in the background shouting, "take that shit! get it off of him!"

    love always...

  4. hilarious that you have a celebrity inspiration! man I wish you guys lived closer! :)

  5. Thanks for the video Jeff. My favorite part is the prolonged crotch shot at the end, while the camera man tries not to die.