Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love, Belatedly

Many of you probably celebrated Valentine's Day, oh, I don't know three days ago, but with the recent plague going around our house, I didn't get my act together. (I wish I could say this was the only thing I nedglected, but the piles of laundry, dishes and general junk belie me.) I actually had planned weeks ago, and made reservations at a delicious local restaurant, but when the day came, we realized that the two of us in our snotty conditions would probably make poor dinner companions. Plus, it's a shame to waste an expensive dinner on deadened taste buds.

So it was a low key holiday, and i'm embarassed to say I didn't even present my beloved with a card. But, the healthier (and let's be honest, all around more considerate) Bowden came through in a big way. I woke on v-day to find a handmade "Declaration of Romantic Intent" The details are private, but you can fill one out for your love interest here.

He also wrote me a beautiful card, and gave me a very thoughtful gift, a necklace stand: Mine is already full (but no need to stop buying me jewelry...I'll find space!)

But before he showered me with all of this, I already knew I was the lucky one in the relationship. A friend of mine recently highlighted one of my (relatively rare) moments of wisdom, when I said that in a good relationship, each person should wake up feeling like they got the better of the deal. If both people feel that way, then it works out.

Anyone who knows Dustin and me, realizes that I got the sweeter deal by far. God has blessed me with a loving, attentive, patient and honorable husband (who also happens to be my hilarious- and hansome-best friend!). I wake up everyday knowing that I am lucky to have him. And I am very grateful, that somehow Dustin beleives that I am his better half. Hopefully he won't catch on, and we can live a long blissful life together!

Happy Valentine's Day Dus!
"To me, you are perfect"


  1. That was my Valentine's Day gift... and what an amazing one it was. Best Ever! I love you too!!

  2. first, i love public textual displays of affection. I like when others know how I feel about someone, makes it seem more special. So awesome words.

    And that declaration of intimacy or whatever is frickin' sweet. Already snapped one off to the wife.