Monday, February 11, 2008

Untangle - to kill your time

Many of you know that I like to play me some online flash games. When I was teaching, I would often take a break during lunch or my period off to play a little Boxhead More Rooms. (While writing this post I found out that there's a newer version of the game called Boxhead 2Play. I'm going to check it out!)

Anyway... the game I want to introduce you to is called Untangle. It's not like Boxhead in that you don't kill any zombies, but rather it's a thinking game. There are 17 levels and I'm on level 16. I've found that overall it's not that hard of a game, but it is fun to play and there were a few times I had to start a level over.

So in my efforts to make the blog interesting, I put the game for you to play right here and now! Enjoy!


  1. seems like fun ... unfortunately my computer at school won't let me play it ... BOO!

  2. Dang it! I was hoping that it would considering that it's from this website, but I guess it just links to another site. I think I can make it where you can play it just from this site. I think there's a new post on the horizon...

  3. although i did play it at home. i like the game but once i got to level 6 i just gave up. i'm add.