Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Agency Starts Friday

I'm so excited for the NFL's free agency period to begin that I can barely stand it. Football is by far my favorite sport, and I think the Eagles are in a position to make a splash in free agency and in the upcoming draft.

So with that, here's what I think are the Eagles' greatest needs:

1.) Defensive End - The Eagles have 2 unproductive DE's in Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard. Now, I love "The Freak" and I hope he returns to his awesome, speedy, commanding a double team form. Having said that, he didn't produce last year, and the Eagles need to be aware of that and have somebody waiting who can produce right away. As for Darren Howard... 2 crappy seasons. Peace out bro.

2.) Wide Receiver - The Eagles think they have a good crop of WR's, and I tend to agree, but I think they need a receiver that commands fear and respect from an opposing defense. Who's afraid of Kevin Curtis or Reggie Brown? Let alone Jason Avant, Hank Baskett and Greg Lewis. (you probably don't even know them...that's my point)

3.) Corner Back - I personally believe that the Eagles are pretty good in this position provided that everybody comes back and stays healthy. Good corners are hard to find, and when the Eagles' corners are on their game, they're up there with the best in the league.

4.) Safety - I don't actually think this needs to be addressed in free agency, but it does need to be addressed as Brian Dawkins ages.

Given those needs... here's my top free agency choices:

1.) Antwan Odom - Trent Cole is on the other side in double digit sacks commanding a double team. That will leave Odom one-on-one with a right tackle. Last year he had 8 sacks, and I think he'll make double digits as well if he comes to Philly.

2.) Justin Smith - I don't like him quite as much as Odom, but I do think that Smith could be very productive here in Philly. He's huge and pretty fast and teams will have to respect that. Last year he only had 2 sacks, but the Bengals sucked all around. The 2 years before that he posted 8 and 9 sacks on the year.

3.) Bernard Berrian - This man is FAST! He's not the #1 receiver that I want, but he certainly is a down field threat and will command respect from corners and safeties. I wouldn't want the Eagles to spend big money on him because I don't think he's worth it, but I do like him as a bargain deal. Maybe he won't be worth all he thinks he is, lasts a while on the market and then the Eagles swoop in a give him an alright deal.

4.) Bryant Johnson - This guy really could be a steal. He was not productive at all last year and in fact hasn't been productive for most of his career, but he has been behind Anquan Boldin as well. He should come considerably cheaper than Berrian, and I think he has a shot at becoming something special in the right system. I also like that he's 6'3''.

5.) Randall Gay - He's a really solid corner who comes at a much cheaper price than Asante Samuel. I think he's a huge long shot as the Patriots will likely re-sign him, but I still think the Eagles have a shot.

I'm leaving Safeties off of the list because I don't think there is a good crop in the FA market right now. However, there is a lot of Line Backers in FA. I don't think the Eagles have any immediate need for a LB right now, but it's hard not to mention that Lance Briggs, Kawika Mitchell, and Landon Johnson are all free agents. I wouldn't mind having any one of them.

Most of you are probably bored with this. Those of you that follow football... tell me what you think of my picks. Did I miss someone? Do you agree or disagree?


  1. Me not bored. Me likey your post. However it has flaws. I was reading a post and said the key to a defense (as seen w/ the Giants) is having a good pass rush. Safeties and corners aren't worth the big dollars. I believe they used San Fran as the team who signed big name corners and then just spun their wheels in team defense stats.

    I know you focused on D line work as top priority though ... just a nugget to pass along. And you do NOT want Justin Smith. I refuse to believe that guy is any good. And to be honest, that free agent 'crop' did not look all that exciting. Where's the big name splurge?

  2. I'm not a big splurge kind of guy, and neither are the Eagles. There really aren't that many out there and I don't think they're owrth it.

    I think Odom could work out really well here, and Bryant Johnson also has a shot of being picked up given that he's not highly desired. I like Berrian, but not that much and I don't think he's worth the money some teams are going to throw at him.

    I should have said this about Justin Smith as well in that I think he'll be over paid.

    I guess what I really wanted to say is that Odom and Johnson would be the 2 that I think you get more for your money. I know Randall Gay is going to want a lot of money, and the safeties out there really don't impress me at all.

  3. how do you feel about the big pick up today?

  4. Love it!! A new post is emminent!