Saturday, March 1, 2008

Free Agency - HUGE update!

In the world of free agency, there were two huge pick-ups!

1.) The Parson's family picked up (literally) Megan Elizabeth Parsons.

In an unprecendented move, baby parsons decided to sign with Brian and Jill six weeks ahead of the May deadline. The Parsons family could not be more thrilled with their selection. Not surprisingly, Megan's jersey number is of course, #1. Megan was unavailable for a quote at this time, but sources say she is thrilled to be with Brian and Jill.

On a more serious side, the baby and Jill are doing quite well. The baby did come 6 weeks early, but the doctors felt ok with it given that Megan was fully developed. I suggest you head over to the baby's blog and read about it. (go here)

BP - if you have the time to read this. Megan is absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for you two and can't wait to meet her!

NFL Free agency

2.) The Eagles Steal Away Asante Samuel!

I couldn't be more thrilled with this pick-up. I've read a lot of articles and I thought the Eagles were going to make moves during this free agency period, but I did not expect Samuel to come on board. The Eagles usually do a great job in free agency, but they rarely go after the BIG name and BIG money player. I'm super pumped that they did! Samuel is going to add depth to a great secondary provided that Brian Dawkins come back to full form.

At this point, I expect the Eagles to come up big again and either sign Antwan Odom or Chris Clemons. After that, there's chatter that the Eagles could pick up Javon Walker. Cut by the Broncos, Walker needs a new home and has worked out with McNabb in the off season. I think there's a strong possibility of him signing with Eagles soon.
Check back here and I'll keep you posted!


  1. 1: Wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful. So so happy for the new family.

    2: So excited for this. Eagles get a great player and I get to say "Asante samuel, squashed banana" (the Lion King baboon....) more often, which is a win/win!

    And Parsons- you're lucky you got first billing! I think I could have a baby, and still be behind eagle news. He must really love you guys! :)

    My only update.... my forehead is burned. What? Not newsworthy?

    Miss and love you all!

  2. It was weird to see my name all over this post - congrats to the new parents on a healthy new girl -with a great name!
    We watch the Lion King so I will no doubt be using Courtney's nickname for A.S. as much as possible. In fact, I can't get it out of my head...

  3. that's what i was going to post about ... my free agency news beat out eagles coverage? geez. i'm blushing.

    and hey megan, i appreciated the shout out on my blog ... LOVE the name.

  4. Uncle Dust, Today Jagger bought a retro Mike Quick jersy at this sports store in the mall. It is going out of business so we got it for 50% off. It's a size 14 so it should fit him forever.
    Can't wait to show you in person!