Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This Old, New, House

Remember this post? The excitement, the fear, the naive laid back attitude?
Well, all those feelings are the same, except for...

We did it.....We bought a house.
I know, right?!?

Some of you already know, but we're too excited not to share it again and again. We don't close until mid-July, so it's not 100% done, but we've had the home inspection and signed the final offer so it's (hopefully) only a matter of time!

We actually found another house a while ago that we really liked, and we put an offer in. We got through the home inspection but were unable to reach an agreement with the seller. (Oh, how diplomatic I am. The seller was stubborn. And he lost!) So we walked away, sure that we would find another house. And so we kept looking. And looking. And looking. And more than once I was positive that we made a huge mistake, and we'd never find our house. We looked at nine houses one evening (yes, nine!) and by then end, I was hopeless, and Dustin was hungry. (Read: hopeless) Then a few days later we had another nine on our list. We breezed through eight with nothing feeling quite right, and again I began to doubt our decisions. Would we ever find something? Was I being too picky? I was starting to convince myself that I liked things, just to stop the feeling of disappointment. But then we went to our ninth and final house of the day.

And it was the one. We made an offer right then, and couldn't be happier with how things are turning out. I hate to be that girl-but it was pretty much one of those "God opens a window" kind of situations.

Speaking of windows....Wanna take the tour? (Oh, bad segue, I am totally that girl now!)

Isn't it cute?

Some main floor highlights- living and dining room, plus a sunroom. Yep, a sunroom! For we are fancy.

And here's where you can sleep when you come to visit! (We'll not in that weird toddler bed, we'll buy you something pretty.)

Did I mention there's a backyard? No more front stoop sitting, or driveway grilling. Kind of bitter sweet...I guess.

So that's a sneak peak of our new little home. I promise there is more (like those little luxuries- a kitchen, a bathroom etc.) but you will have to come see for yourselves! How about August? I'll pencil you in the calendar. A calendar that I will hang in my NEW HOUSE!


  1. Love it!! So cute :) Can't wait to you guys get all settled in there... I'll bring some breaded chicken sticks and it'll be a party! :)

  2. Will be there in August ... and you still have time to come up with plans so that you won't be there that weekend, a la the parsons. Congrats on the house. And if it matters any ... I actually like this house BETTER than that other poopy one.

    And it had been awhile since my last visit ... thanks for the heads up on the 'Wheel of Responsibility' ... I see that being ordered for our house as a funny gift. Oh wait ... what am I saying. Don't ever speak of that devious thing to Jill. Now instead of a 10% percent chance of me helping, there's a 50% chance? No thank you. ;)

  3. I DID NOT see you type (yes type) the famous "when God opens a window" quote did I? WOW! I can be hit by a car today and die knowing that my job as a mom is complete. I have made my mark on you!!!! Can you keep the slide in the backyard? I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Sooo great! Love it Court- and the coloring is so cute. August- you, me, iced tea, sunroom. Done and done.

  5. Sooo great! Love it Court- and the coloring is so cute. August- you, me, iced tea, sunroom. Done and done.

  6. Love it - soooo cute! I wish we weren't coming until later so we'd get to stay there, but I'm looking forward to next week. You'll have take us to see it, if only from the outside!

  7. oh my gosh I love it!! so cute, congrats! love, stacy

  8. i commented...blogger must have eaten it. it's super cute! and we'll totally be there in august! congrats!

  9. Wow. House purchasing. Im currently on an apartment hunt hoping to find a place that can fit a full bed, has a closet, indoor plumbing and costs less than $1300 a month.
    Ah, the different lives we lead.
    You guys want to come here and help me with that??

  10. What a great house! Enjoy all of the pleasures of owning your own home!! We are so happy for you both!