Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Matryoshka of Mine

Look what I got.........
That's right kiddies, the dolls have arrived! I was so excited to come home to find that little beauty waiting on my doorstep. The package is adorable, Abbey really went above and beyond in organizing this. Look at the cute little cards she made!

The set came with a note listing each artist's name. So fun! But I know what you all really want to see is this:

As far as I can tell, I am the proud owner of a flower child, a bird-mime, an underwhelmed birthday boy, a Visine needing eyeball and the world's tiniest naked man. Isn't it the craziest set you've ever seen? There were 26 participants, and tons of creative, strange and beautiful dolls. Big thanks to Abbey to putting this together. It was a fun exchange, and I'm sure it'll be an even bigger success next year!

Read more about the swap here and see the entire set here.


  1. I got my set today... Wasn't it so exciting to get the package. I had to go pick it up at the post office and on my way home, I could'nt stop smiling...walking faster and finally open the box to find my set!


  2. You received my large doll:) The original inspiration was little red riding hood. Enjoy!

  3. Hey! Did you know thereis a flickr group to post pictures of your new set?
    See you there!