Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Dustin and I are blessed to have not one, not two but FOUR amazing dads. We could never do enough to show how much we love and appreciate them all, but hopefully this small tribute expresses how thankful we are to have such great fathers in our lives.

Well, you're certainly a big influence in our lives (everyone likes a father's day pun right?!) You've had your hands full with the three boys over the years, but you should be proud of the hand you had in raising them to be the men they are (even if all are still a work in progress!). Now though, we are really enjoying getting to know you more as adults. Thanks for all of your mob stories, your sports enthusiasm and most of all your love.

You're always there with a helping hand, or at least a listening ear. It's such a blessing to feel that we always have someone "in our corner" to dispense advice or share in our happiness. Thank you for all of the constant support, and love. A dad and a best friend in-one is a rare find, but you are certainly that.

Your personality is one of two great extremes...there probably isn't another man on earth as silly, but as sincere as you. We are always learning from you, from your grilling prowess, to your extensive home repair knowledge (duct tape anyone?) But more than that, you've given us an excellent example of what it means to be a Godly man. Thank you for all the guidance, and the FUN you bring to our lives.

A favorite part about our relationship has to be the witty banter and sarcastic fun we have. You're always there with a smart comment, or a funny quip, which makes spending time with you so much fun. But beyond all the laughs, there is a serious side which is full of love. We always know how proud you are of us and feel we can depend on you for anything. So thanks for all the great conversations and continual support.

Happy Father's Day to you all. We love you guys!

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