Sunday, October 5, 2008

Falling Short

So who knew Fall would be even busier than Summer?

Usually the hot months get packed with trips and activities, tons of fun, but little time to sit and reflect. I like to think about Fall as one long bonfire with apple cider, pumpkin pie and heartwarming stories. So far, ours has been....not like that at all. No apples to be found, the fire pit sits empty (though we have a pantry full of s'more supplies ready just in case) and the only pumpkins are some mini's that my mom brought me (so cute...but not exactly a great pie substitute).

As for heartwarming stories...around the blog-o-sphere, Autumn activities abound: Megan is hosting her annual Fall Festival, Renee has gone to a pumpkin patch AND apple picking, and Sarah made it to a Corn Palace (I don't even really know what that is, but it sounds Fall-ish). Exciting stuff all around, but the only Fall signifiers here are less daylight, colder feet at bedtime, and the impending task of raking the backyard.

I don't want to turn the blog into a season-themed pity party, but I'm ready for some Fall fun! I found out through the opening question at Campaigners last night, that Dustin's "favorite thing about Fall" is: "Nothing". So I feel I'm working against not only nature's clock, but perhaps a lack of enthusiasm in half of the household. But in true Courtney fashion, I tend to think he only hates it because he hasn't seen how FUN it can be yet! (I'm still not sure if this Courtney trademark comes from the Grissinger or Stegmayer side of the family. For what it's worth, I think the Grissinger in me is responsible for the Big Idea! Must Have Theme! part of the situation, while the Stegmayer portion pushes the My Way's Not the Only Way, but it's Certainly the Best Way end of the deal). So it has become my mission to not only to make the most of my Fall, but to make an Autumn enthusiast out of Dustin yet.
No one can resist pie right?


  1. Suggestion to sway Dustin on Fall: include something about football! In keeping with my lineage, that's not the only suggestion you'll get, but it certainly is the best one!
    xoxo Daddy

  2. Seriously, Dustin can't even come up with EATING? He loves to eat? Thanksgiving dinner? Leftovers? He missed my speech to the Ali and Hailey last night about why I buy the pumpkins in the store NOT at the patch~ the ones at Kroger are SO lonely and no one wants them.(everyone is at the patches oogly over the pumpkins there) Fall is all about taking in the needy!!
    0x0x Mommie (no leftovers for Dustin this year)