Tuesday, November 18, 2008

24 before 25

A few weeks ago, I caught a couple minutes of a Lifetime movie in which the (I assume) main character was working on one of those ever popular “# of things to do before you turn #” kind of lists. Or maybe she was dying (as half the characters in Lifetime movies usually are) so it was more of a Tim McGraw Ballad type of endeavor…Either way, her current task was “sing at a karaoke bar” which struck me as a little lame. At the time I thought that if I were ever to make a list, it would be full of exciting, important things on a much grander scale than performing on a beer stained bar for local patrons-turned-talent-judges. But then I stumbled upon this post on Simply Lovely. She and fellow blogger Hula Seventy made a different type of list that really got me thinking…

Joslyn explains:
“these lists are meant to be realistic and in the spirit of being good to yourself…not some sort of giant "bucket list" over the course of a life. Simple things. Small things. Meaningful things. What do you want to do before you're 25 or 43 or 55? Next month? Next year? Inspire us please!”

Today is exactly two months before my 25th birthday which is, in my mind anyway, quite a milestone. I’m not interested in making a bunch of resolutions, or throwing out lofty giant sized goals. What I do love is the idea of realizing some simple things that matter greatly to my spirit, and then actually following through on them. I’m not going to beat myself up if they don’t all happen….it’s just a fun way for me to resist coasting through the routine of life and actually engage in my days. I’ll be happy reaching even the smallest of my dreams.

24 Things to Do Before I'm 25

  1. Go on a date with Dustin (and finally take his boss up on his offer to treat us to dinner!)
  2. Email a friend I don’t talk to often enough (Unfortunately that would be just about all of my friends.)
  3. Use the video camera for something other than vacation footage and house tours. Maybe some Christmas memories?
  4. Treat myself to a simple pleasure that I typically think only rich people get- fresh flowers, a fancy candle, the expensive handsoap….
  5. Go to Zumba.
  6. Try at least three of the recipes I keep ripping out of magazines.
  7. Throw a party- preferably with a theme…or costumes…or BOTH!
  8. Organize my sheets. (I know it sounds lame, but it would make me so happy not to have to dig, and sort, and guess, every time we have guests overnight.
  9. Exercise twice a week, even if one of those times is just parking on the third floor of the garage.
  10. Discover Dustin’s “love language” and learn to speak it.
  11. Cash in on my anniversary present and go salsa dancing!
  12. Finally organize all of my mail/coupon/inspiration/paperwork piles that clutter up every horizontal surface of the house.
  13. Pray before bed.
  14. Go on a walk around the neighborhood.
  15. Decorate the guest bedroom- goodbye wallpaper, hello bed!
  16. Learn to play “Apologize” on the keyboard from memory.
  17. Write our Christmas letter, without taking all the fun out of it by stressing about making it witty, beautiful, and perfect.
  18. Use all those fancy frames I bought for my fancy dressing room
  19. Do a craft. Any craft that makes me happy.
  20. Book all the trips I’ve been meaning to take but haven’t because Expedia stresses me out.
  21. Get my license plates renewed for crying out loud.
  22. Build a snow sculpture.
  23. Take a photo I love enough to frame.
  24. Call my Grandma.

So there is my list. What would you put on yours?


  1. Karaoke, check.
    Organized sheets, check

    I think I would like to attend a red carpet event, all fancy like

    AND have the whole house be organized....is that possible? I think I'll see a red carpet first.


  2. It took a while, but in support of my wife, here is my list:

    28 things to do before 29

    1. Install digital thermostat
    2. buy a new (to me) car
    3. finish reading Sacred Romance and Wild at Heart
    4. buy a second garage door opener
    5. workout – some form of it everyday
    6. take guitar lessons
    7. take my wife out to a fancy dinner
    8. finish cleaning the basement
    9. read a book about landscape architecture
    10. get a new job – somehow, promotion etc…
    11. dress nicer – especially when we go out at night
    12. change the oil in both our cars
    13. see friends and family in philly
    14. watch an Eagles football game
    15. sell the projector I bought for Young Life but can’t use
    16. eat 6 SMALL meals per day
    17. strip the wall paper in the third bedroom
    18. get my guitar worked on
    19. eat lunch with somebody at work
    20. get enough guys to go to summer camp
    21. get a professional massage
    22. book a vacation
    23. update my 401K contributions
    24. get a “nice” pair of jeans
    25. get Courtney something for Christmas that she’ll LOVE
    26. go to a baseball game
    27. play volleyball
    28. host a poker night

  3. umm ... no offense D, but your list looks more like a 'honey do' list than some cool goal list.

    And what's with the romance novels? 'Sacred Romance' and 'Wild at Heart' sound like Nora Roberts written, Fabio illustrated type of books. Say it 'aint so.

    i would love to help you with #28, and I think you should be EXTREMELY careful with #21.

    miss you guys ... and of course i'm just messing with you. great lists.

  4. Rachel- Maybe you should put "organize Courtney's sheets" on your list. But I love your red carpet idea....you have an arsenal of eye make-up all ready for your debut. And I heard you have a beautiful red sequin/fringe dress- Perfect!!

    Dustin- I love that you made a whole list! But, I have to agree w/ Parsons a little....some of your stuff is very New Year's Resolution-y. We'll just focus on the fun ones for now! I think 25 is a great jumping off point! :)

    Parsons- Where's some of your list man? No throwing stones till you have your own glass house....or something like that.

  5. You have to cut me some slack. 28 is a big number! Also, it's MY list. You do what you want with YOUR list.

  6. I'll cut you some slack, Dustin. Way to stick up for yourself! Most men wouldn't have even attempted a list, so you are to be commended.
    Substitute Steelers for Eagles and you'll be all set!