Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ansel Adams I am Not

For our third anniversary, Dustin got me an awesome new camera. I call it my "big girl camera" which is Courtney-speak for a DSLR (that stands for digital single-lens reflex...which means it uh...has a lot of buttons and a ton of manual options...or something like that). It is such a nice camera, that I was scared to use it for the first two months I had it! I've taken photography classes before, but I had forgotten most of what I had ever learned. So, I was intimidated by all of its fancy settings, and felt like I wasn't skilled enough to do it justice. But I finally got over it, and decided just to give it a shot. (oooh...a photography pun!) I'm no expert, but I'm having fun learning! Here are some of my first "big girl photos":

This one is cheating because Fallingwater is so
beautiful that it's impossible to take a bad picture!

A close up of the mini-pumpkin centerpiece my mom made.

Pears! From our very own pear tree!

They're actually pretty tasty!


  1. so you went and got all prolific writer on me all of a sudden so i missed 3 posts, so i'm catching up.

    i want a 'big girl' camera too. any chance it was the Nikon D60? and if it wasn't what kind is it? do you like it? love it? understand it?

  2. It's actually a Canon Rebel Xti. I looked at the Nikon, but it looked more complicated than the Canon, and since I was already intimidated, the Canon seemed like a better call. Honestly though, since Dustin bought it, he did much more research than me, so he's probably more qualified to give you advice. You should totally get one though. I want to see Meg's face in HD!