Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Dance*

Guess where I went on Saturday night.... A hip new Pittsburgh hot spot? A romantic date with my husband? An all expense paid trip to a tropical paradise? Nope. Better.....

Oh YEAH, that's right, I attended The Snuggle Presents So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour 2008! Catchy title right? Wordiness aside, this was an epic event in my life. See, I LOVE me some SYTYCD (Catchy abbreviation right?). I've explained my obsession at length, but no words could express the joy of seeing it LIVE, and IN PERSON! See all these capital letters? I am BURSTING with excitement. Bold even!

Now, I will be the first one to admit that this wasn't exactly a big budget, slickly produced, high level show of Broadway proportions. No, many aspects of it were more akin to a high school talent show. You see, the bulk of the show was the dance performances. The amazing, flawless, awe-inspiring dance performances. But even the best dancers need a bit of a breather once in a while (not to mention an extra moment or two for a costume change). So, the dancers came out in pairs for some witty repartee, as an attempt to stall allowing the others a chance to catch their breath and shimmy into a new sequin dress. And though I am a true fan of each of the contestants (and therefore am more forgiving than the average patron), at times their attempts at humor, or even attempts at just reading, were a bit painful. At one point my friend Rachel and I agreed it was like watching a bad Young Life skit: puns, awkward transitions and all.

But- I would sit through hours of groaner jokes, and flat dialog for the chance to witness moments that I consider true genius. Yes, the set was minimal to non-existent, and the costumes and the video montages were mostly recycled from the show, but somehow it didn't matter. The performances were good enough that there was no real need to fluff it up with theatrics. Whether you love dance or not, it was powerful to witness twelve people give their all to something they believe they were created to do. It was so inspiring, and (once again) revived my desire to dance. I don't have one-tenth the talent that any of these performers do, but the whole night was a reminder of how much fun dancing is, and how much I miss doing it regularly. I'm hoping to get back to taking lessons here, either going back to my hip hop class, or trying out something new.
But enough about my pointe-shoe-pipe-dreams, back to the show...I wish I could have taken you all with me. Or better yet, I wish I could go again with each of you! But I'll do the next best thing and share the links to some of my favorite performances (Granted, these are from the show, not the tour, but beggars can't be choosers). I hope you find them even a fraction as impressive as I do.
  • One of my favorites (Dustin tries to imitate Mark's moves, which only endears me to it more): Chelsea and Mark dance to "Bleeding Love"
  • A great look at how costumes, music, and choreography come together to make magic: Group routine to "The Dance" (an amazingly haunting song by Charlotte Martin)
  • (Yet another) amazing piece by Mia Michaels, performed by Katee and 2008 winner Josh. I get goosebumps every time I watch this. Crazy good!
What a great night. I'm already looking forward to next year!

* Title is a reference to an infectious song by Lady GaGa. It was all the rage with the preteen girls attending the concert! And me!


  1. courtney, i'm so jealous!!!! that's so awesome you got to go... that is my favorite show of all time as well (i know we share this in common) :)
    Chelsea and Mark's "bleeding love" was my favorite piece.... i just heard that song the other day while i was in a store, and i literally almost started dancing the piece (what i knew) right there. that reminds me... jon and i have to practice that again. we were supposed to learn all the choreography :)
    that song "let's dance" is so fun... i remember seeing lady gaga perform at some miss universe or some pageant on tv, and thought how "unique" and strange she looked along with the outfits, but that the song was so catchy.
    oops - didn't meant for this to be so long.....can't wait till next season as well!

  2. hey!

    i went a few weeks ago! i loved it but agree with all those things you mentioned (awkward dialogue, minimal sets, etc). i was so irate though b/c katie was injured!! but mark and chelsea's dance to bleeding love is my fave and at least i got to see that!

  3. oops! the comment above is from me :)
    love, stacy

  4. AAAAAHHHH - you are so lucky!!!! I would love to go to one of the tours - didn't I ask you awhile back if you were going since it was stopping in the 'burgh?
    Bleeding Love is my fav also - I downloaded the song and I think the kids know it now because I play it so often. I have the finale still on DVR so I can rewatch my favs (not that I do, but I just liking knowing I can!).
    Fun fun fun!!! I swear next season, you me and Renee and any other crazy fans need to have a weekly blog/chat session about who we like/dislike etc.

  5. Who knew I was surrounded by so many fans? Glad you enjoyed it Stace....bummer Katie was injured. She's pretty much the best! And Megan- I totally have all the episodes saved too. Who knows why- just in case I guess!

  6. I. am. so. jealous!!! I even convinced Matt to like SYTYCD, and maybe since we didn't have DVR, we made sure we were always home to watch it. I love all the dances you mentioned, and I love the fact that they can make you like a song that you were getting sick of-- like "bleeding love." it was so overplayed this summer, but now whenever I hear it, I just see chelsea and mark, and I love it again!!

    p.s. miss you.