Sunday, January 18, 2009

Steel City of Brotherly Love

While it is my birthday, and a pretty momentous one at that, even I can admit that today is about something much, much bigger: Football.

You see, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers are each playing in their conferences' championship game. Which means the only things between us and an All Pennsylvania Superbowl are a couple of birds. (these specifically).

I've never really experienced football fever to this degree (And I'm from Columbus!). The excitement here in Pittsburgh is crazy. We've got a terrible tree (a bizarre translation of an already bizarre tradition), and a local shopping district hosted a "Bird Bash" where you could smash a purple car for charity. (yeah, I'm not sure I understand it either, but Dustin took a whack at it anyway). Our mayor even changed his last name from Ravenstahl, to "Steelerstahl"! I imagine the folks in Philly are just as pumped up. Even the PA governor is getting into the act- forming some elaborate bet that centers around (of course) the two cities' signature sandwiches.

I'm not sure what will happen in the Bowden household if both teams manage to make it to the BIG game (my allegiance to either team isn't exactly solidified.) But I'd like to find out! So, Here We Go Steelers, and Fly Eagles Fly! We're all routing for you....both!

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  1. Happy belated Bday courtney!!!!
    sorry i missed it on the actual day. hope the 80's party was a blast!! i want to see pics :)

    congrats for the steelers winning! we're sad (boo) over here about the Eagles :(