Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it’s 1984

Number 7 on the infamous list is to throw a costume party. We’re getting down to the wire on the “before I’m 25” part of the deal, so luckily my adoring husband has stepped in to help make my dreams come true. Tonight we’ll ring in the big 2-5 with a totally tubular, 80's extravaganza. I wish you could all be here to party hardy, but I want to at least share some of the spirit of the decade of decadence with you.

First of all, although I have a great outfit prepared, I wish I could say I’ll be dressed like one of the Robert Palmer video vixens:

That’s been my dream Halloween costume for years, unfortunately I just haven’t found 3 other girls that want to slick their hair back, pout, and rock back and forth all night. I remember loving some Robert Palmer back in the day. “Simply Irresistible” came out in 1988 it’s a bit scary to think that my four year old self was rockin’ out to that. Another classic: “Addicted to Love” was released in 1986...which is even worse! I didn’t have MTV back then (I know...tough life!) so I got my fill of 80’s hotness when I went to the gym with my dad.In fact, much of my 80’s pop culture appreciate comes from my father. I credit (or blame?) him for the fact that my favorite songs as a kid were “Funky Cold Medina” and “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc. Hey- my dad was single and had a Camaro. Picture me in one of these babies...

(Please note that the original source of this photo described it as “bitchin”)

Now, I assure you my 80's memories don't all revolve around mini skirts, sweet rides, or age-inappropriate lyrics. I was a connoisseur of 80's toys as well, I loved My Little Ponies, Lite Brite, Popples, I even had a Teddy Ruxpin! I may have missed the first few years of the 80's but made up for it with all the excess-loving-enthusiasm a pre-kindergartener could muster.

So, while I don’t anticipate rocking the keyboard, or rolling shotgun in a t-top wonder, I think tonight is going to be totally awesome. Like, fer sure.

Those of you missing out on the rad festivities, you can at least get your jam on to this:


  1. I think I'll stick with "credit" (not "blame")...after all, it's part of what made you the sophisticated young woman you are today!
    What can I say - it was the 80's and Dad was down wit da ladies...
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. The reasons I am commenting are three-fold:
    1. Since I outed myself on Rachel's blog as being a blog stalker, I feel somewhat obligated.
    2. Happy Birthday!! Trigger and I (atleast very much me!) are very sad we missed the celebration. I was so sad!! I looked rad!!
    3. I will gladly slick my hair back, pout, and rock back and forth all night... just say when.